Monday, July 29, 2013

The Cinnamon Snail

I've been wanting to try the Cinnamon Snail food truck for a really long time. I'm neither a vegan nor a vegetarian but I don't shy away from food just because it's made one way or another. Good food is good food to me.

So I headed out and ordered the special of the day which happened to be General Tso's Seitan Sandwich with wasabi mayo, arugula, and onions on a baguette. The size of the sandwich itself was quite hefty. I was happy about that.
I looked inside and saw that they didn't skimp on the seitan nor the arugula. Everything looked well distributed and generous. The bread to fake meat to vegetable ratio was spot on. As for the flavor, the seitan absorbed so much from the spices and sauces. It was sweet and spicy. Texturally, it was very soft. I wish it could have been somehow crisped up on a flat top. The arugula was fresh and the wasabi mayo lightly pungent. The baguette, unfortunately, was very soft too. It lacked that wonderful crust. It seemed like it had suffered dearly from time and humidity. This made the overall sandwich too soft. A shame since the other components were good.
For dessert, I had the passionfruit glazed yeast style doughnut. I prefer yeast style doughnuts because they're soft and fluffy. This doughnut was dense and more like a cake doughnut. It wasn't bad but it wasn't what I was expecting. Since it was heavier, I split the it into 2 servings. The glaze, on the other hand, was quite nice being both sweet and tart while not overpowering in either flavor. I enjoyed it.
Overall, my sandwich from the Cinnamon Snail truck could have used better bread but the filling was good. The flavors of both items were good but texturally missed the mark. However, I would go back to try some more of their offerings. I'm curious to see how their everyday items stand up.

The Cinnamon Snail

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  1. I love the snail! I order anything with tempeh, their cinnamon snail (if they havent already run out!), and the daily specials are great. Give them another try!


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