Monday, August 12, 2013

BLT Prime

When Mr. Haribo Mule is around, steaks are abound. This time, we went to BLT Prime. Mr. M&P and I have been to BLT Steak and wasn't impressed. But several other friends have recommended that Prime was much better. So why not?

After ordering, they gave us an amuse bouche of mushroom cream spread and bread. I liked both the mushroom and bread with the former being really earthy but smooth. But the receptacle that it came in was terrible. Using a long butter knife to get to the bottom was difficult. It should have been more shallow.
And then the popovers showed up. BLT is known for these. Hot from the oven popovers. Eat them quick before they cool off. A schmear of butter (it was room temperature so it was easy) and into your mouth. Yum!
And then the appetizers which we normally stray away from because a steak and sides is usually enough. But how could we say no to bacon ($10) and tater tots ($7)? The grilled double cut Nueske's bacon with parsley, garlic, and sherry vinaigrette was good but I've had better. The thickness is thinner than what you would find at Peter Luger. Bacon purists would scoff at the additional of greenery on the cured, smoked meat but I welcomed it. It helped balance the fat and pork. The tater tots were something else. These little cheese and potato filled morsels were fried crispy on the inside and left smooth and creamy on the inside. They were more akin to croquettes than a tot. But I liked them anyway.
And now the steaks. I picked the 16oz dry aged NY strip ($48) with a peppercorn sauce (disclaimer: I normally eat my steaks without sauce but this was free so I obliged) while my counterparts had the 22oz cowboy bone-in ribeyes ($47). My steak was cooked to my desire (medium rare) and had a nice charred crust on the outside with tender red/pink meat inside. The extra pat of butter on top added to the richness of the meat.
For our sides, we ordered the onion rings ($8), creamed spinach ($11), and truffled mashed potatoes ($12). The sides were okay and paired well with the meat. Otherwise, nothing outstanding nor noticeably memorable about them.
Overall, I enjoyed my meal at BLT Prime. Did it knock my socks off? No but it did exceed my expectations that to be honest were lower because of my experience at BLT Steak. I still enjoy other steak houses in NYC better but wouldn't refrain from going back to BLT Prime.

BLT Prime
111 E 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 995-8500

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