Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. M&P's Birthday Potluck

About 4 months ago, I held a potluck in celebration of Mr. M&P's birthday. He wanted some of his favorite foods in a very casual atmosphere and so I obliged.

Yes, that is McNuggets you see on the table. All 100 of them piled high. I made them fancy by displaying them in a fancy dish. Every last McNugget was eaten.
And don't forget about the dipping sauces: honey mustard, creamy ranch, sweet chili, sweet and sour, and tangy barbecue. We didn't get the whole rainbow though. We're missing hot mustard, chipotle bbq, and spicy buffalo.
I decided to make buffalo chicken mac and cheese while experimenting with the recipe. That experiment was a fail. Why? The cheese sauce curdled because it didn't have a roux to keep it together when I added Frank's Red Hot sauce to the mix. Also, the Nacho cheese Dorito's topping wasn't a hit either. It didn't stay crunchy. Why did I mess with something so perfect already? My mistake.
Mr. M&P provided the Parsi pattis. It was a first for a lot of people that night. And as usual, a hit.
I also made Chinese style suckling pork belly as I'm trying to perfect the recipe. A few charred pieces this time but overall very good again.
Dr. Mandoo brought make-your-own beef bulgogi sliders. Excellent! I was upset that she took all the leftovers home. Boooooo...
Ms. Poutine Esq fried up some tater tots in hot spicy oil and spices giving them a unique taste. And a side of cheez wiz for dipping.
These are pring rolls filled with pork and cabbage. Easy to eat and who doesn't like fried foods?
Mr. Matzo Ball went the healthy route (thank goodness for his variety) and made stuffed mushrooms. Boy were these garlicky! No draculas here.
And he provided vegetable sticks with hummus two ways: plain and spicy with pita chips.
Mr. Peanut Head brought roasted duck from Chinatown. I haven't had this succulent salty duck in a really long time. It was so satisfying.
And for sweets, Ms. Poutine Esquire made Monkey Bread. Little balls of cinnamon sugar covered cake. So good.
And I made a chocolate cake. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture before I started to cut into it. So this was what was leftover from the night. The picture does not do it any justice because it was freaking delicious. I used Scharffen Berger's recipe for That Chocolate Cake.

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