Monday, August 26, 2013

My Trip to Atlanta, GA: Barbecue Dinner

My second trip to Atlanta, GA wasn't very different from my first visit. Except this time I didn't really leave the house at all. We only left to either: a) gather more food, or b) go to a different place for food. Why? Well, we stayed in a very large home with a pool. So we swam and ate all day and night. It was glorious. Really, what's to change when you're on vacation?

The first night that we landed, we noshed on some delicious pizza straight from the in-kitchen pizza oven. Then off to bed we went with full stomachs. We woke up to eggs, pancakes, and bacon. A good cup of coffee later and I was fueled for some swimming. Hours later and ravenous, it was dinner time. And what a feast that was prepare by Le Chef. He's the one working in the fabulous kitchen. Entertaining is his joy, eating is mine. It's great relationship.
This year, he prepared a barbecue buffet with 3 different types of ribs, pulled pork, cole slaw, corn, and baked beans. All homemade.

First the ribs. These are baby back ribs. The left is in a mustard sauce while the right is in a traditional barbecue sauce. Both delicious, tender, and juicy with a hint of smokiness.
The 3rd rib was grilled Korean short ribs with a soy sauce based marinade.
Unctuous and tender pulled pork cooked slowly in its own juices and fat. Sauced at the end for extra flavor.
Baked beans with a sweet tangy sauce. Normally, I'm not a fan of baked beans but these were delicious and somehow aided me in eating a lot more ribs.
Grilled corn with a hint of lime juice.
Chopped cole slaw in a mayo based sauce. I would prefer a vinegar based sauce but most prefer this preparation.
 Mini slider buns to make sandwiches. For me, these were strictly for the pulled pork and cole slaw.
We ended the night with some store bought apple pie warmed in the oven. A great ending to a fabulous meal. We all struggled to stay awake after all that food and drink. Eventually, we gave up and slept happily with dreams of dancing ribs.


  1. It was my pleasure to cook for all of you ....
    Need to come back soon.

  2. Wow! What amazing delicious food! How lucky you are to have such friends..... Sounds like the ideal vaca from nyc



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