Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I met up with an ex-coworker to gossip about what's been going and to share a few (or lots) of bites. We decided to go to the West Village and enjoy some more culture and food options. Since we both really like tapas, I suggested Tertulia and he happily agreed.

We started with the Embuditios ($15) which is a selection of 3 charcuterie meats. We received 2 types of salami and a ham. All salty, fatty, and melt in your mouth. The first was a plain salami while the second was spicier like chorizo. The ham was fatty and rich similar to Iberico but not nearly as good. (Disclaimer: while Iberico is on the menu, I didn't feel like paying for it.) This was a good portion for 2 people.

To lighten up the meal, I picked the Remolachas ($12) which is a salad of raw, pickled, and smoked beets with pistachio nuts, cheese, and a horseradish vinaigrette. This salad was not only refreshing but also well balanced with heartier vegetables like beets paired with crunchy pistachios, creamy pungent cheese, and a spicy kick from the dressing.
Here are the Croquetas de Jamon Iberico ($11) with super thin crispy fried outside holding in a so creamy potato and ham filled inside. These were expertly prepared and fried. The seasoning was perfect as well.
And because I love brussel sprouts, I ordered the Coles de Bruselas ($11) cooked with pork belly and mojo picon sauce. These were excellent with the crispy candy like cabbage halves covered in pork belly fat and a spicy sauce. And even better yet was the size of this dish. Easily shared between 3-4 people. I finished most of this dish because my companion couldn't handle the heat. Haha! Really, it wasn't that spicy at all.
And the special of the day were the Costillas de Buey ($21) with roasted tomato, anchovy, and miso sauce. Juicy, tender short ribs in a salty sauce. Short ribs tend to be a bit more chewy when cut flanken style due to the abundance of bones and connective tissue. But as a seasoned short ribs eater, it wasn't an issue. With that said, I'm sure other people would have issues eating around the bone. Do as my friend did and cut around it. Don't even bother with the meat closest to the bone. I thought the meat was cooked well and seasoned well too. However, at over $10 per piece of short rib, I would skip this order next time.
Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at Tertulia. The food was prepared well, tasted good, and the service was friendly. I wouldn't mind going back to try more of their food.

359 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(646) 559-9909

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