Monday, September 23, 2013

Cho Dang Gol

Mr. M&P's cousin was in town from San Francisco and wanted to eat Korean food in NYC. Our friend told us that Cho Dang Gol was a really good place. This was also a new place for me and it looked great.
When we arrived, the place was packed. With Koreans no less. So it made me feel really good that we were at a place that the natives would also go to. After looking over the menu, we chose a bunch of dishes to share. First, the haemul pajeon (seafood and scallion pancake $19 for large). I've never had a pajeon where it was cooked with the ingredients laid out in strips. But I really enjoyed it. Lots of scallions and squid with some fake crab sticks too.

We also had the steamed dumplings (large $13) with meat and tofu. You could tell that these were freshly handmade. So tender yet very flavorful. The tofu inside was so silky smooth.
In fact, they also gave us bowls of tofu with our variety of banchan. The tofu was amazing. Creamy, smooth, and delicate. I could eat spoonfuls of it every day.

To share, we had the jap chae ($19) which is stir fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables. The noodles had a really nice chewy bite to it while it absorbed all that delicious soy sauce and sesame oil.
And here is the dol sot bibimbap ($17) which is a rice bowl with beef, tofu, eggs, and vegetables served in a hot stone bowl. This was a big bowl of rice and came sizzling to the table. We mixed up all the goodies inside and dove in. Each element had a purpose flavor and texture wise. A definite order again.
And here is the bo ssam ($38) which is pork belly steamed with ginseng then served with kimchi, daikon radish wraps, shredded scallions and onions. This was an experience. I have never had this before. The waitress showed us how to eat it wrapping the ingredients gently in the daikon wrapper and sprinkling a pink shrimp sauce on top. It was delicious. The unctuous pork belly with the fiery kimchi with the cool freshness of the daikon and bite of the scallions and onions. It was like a taco but different.
And finally an order of the galbi ($26) which is marinated short ribs. Savory, sweet, slighty charred. This has  got to be my favorite.
Cho Dang Gol was fantastic. The food was really good and I had things that I've never tried before. I loved all of it. My only regret is not having their famous tofu stews/casseroles. I will definitely go back for that.

Cho Dang Gol
55 W 35th Street
New York, NY 10001
(212) 695-8222

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