Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clinton Street Baking

A while ago, Mr. M&P and some friends went out to celebrate his birthday. We initially aimed to go to Mission Chinese Food but the wait was ridiculous. By ridiculous I mean that they were no longer accepting new names on their wait list. So yeah. An additional failed attempt to The Meatball Shop later, we went to Clinton Street Bakery. Breakfast food for dinner. Not a bad plan C.

I saw fried chicken on the menu and immediately aimed to get that. I had 3 choices between a platter, with waffle, or as a sandwich. After mulling it over, I picked chicken and waffles ($19). I received 4 pieces of fried chicken in a honey tabasco sauce over a Belgian waffle with a side of maple butter. That's melted maple butter. Perfect for dipping. The chicken itself was okay. Crispy outside with a thin battered layer. The meat inside was fine. Not overly juicy nor dry. Just normal. Unfortunately, it lacked seasoning inside and I could only taste the crust. The waffle though advertised as crispy was soft. This is the main reason why I almost never order chicken and waffles because the waffle is usually a miss. And it certainly was the case here. Even the deliciously addictive maple butter couldn't save it.

They gave us a plate of biscuits ahead of time while we waited for our food. The butter was unfortunately cold and didn't spread well. We used the melted maple butter when we could. Also, these biscuits needed the butter. It wasn't soft pillows of light biscuits. They were dry and bland.
Mr. M&P had the wild Maine blueberry pancakes ($14) which is what Clinton Street Bakery is famous for. It also came with a jar of the maple butter. I tried a piece and it was excellent. Soft, fluffy pancakes so light and buttery. The maple butter just added to the butteryness of the pancakes.
Ms. Pastry Chef steered away from the breakfast food that night and instead ordered the burger ($15) with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. It came with a side of fries, a pickle (which was terrible with a lack of crunch and weird mix of flavors and warm), and cole slaw. There was good bun to meat ratio and they didn't skimp on the onions nor cheese either. However, the burger was overdone and looked a bit dry. It's the type of burger that needed the ketchup. The fries though were crisp and well seasoned.
Overall, the food at Clinton Street Bakery was very mediocre. I wouldn't order some things again but the pancakes are a sure pick. Stay away from the savory options and you'll be fine.

Clinton Street Baking
4 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 602-6263

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