Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

Hey look! Another fried chicken review. I'm starting to feel like the Feisty Foodie. So much good chicken to eat in NYC. But I've got to go back to my roots and devour more cheeseburgers. Anyway, back to fried chicken for the moment. Feisty Foodie, Dessert Zombie, Mr. M&P, and I went to Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken to celebrate some good news.
Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken had just recently opened and we've heard decent things about their chicken. Some people even call it the best. I'll be the judge of my own best of list. So off we went in the name of research. We each ordered our own meals since we're all dark meat fiends. No one wanted to be the one eating white meat. Mr. M&P and I shared 2 dark meat dinners ($9) which comes with a thigh and drumstick, fries, pickles, and a dinner roll with your choice of sauce.

We didn't think that was enough so we added on a piece of thigh ($3.75), a drumstick ($2.50), and potato wedges with the works (~$8).
The chicken is constantly being fried and kept warm under a heat lamp. We waited a bit for our order since dark meat was so popular. No biggie. We're used to waiting for good fried chicken. At least it means it'll be freshly fried and super hot. Once we did receive our order, we dug in. The chicken was hot as we expected but also super crispy with a medium thick crust. The meat of the chicken was lightly seasoned or maybe it was fully seasoned. I couldn't tell because the spices on the outside was very strong. It certainly added a great deal of savory flavors to the meat itself. But overall, I think it took away from the wonderful natural sweetness of chicken.

The shoe string fries were really good. Fried crispy but tender inside and well salted. The dinner roll was forgettable. I think I only ate a small piece just to taste it. The cup of sour pickles was nice since it cut through all the rich fatty foods we were eating. And finally, the potato wedges. This was actually pretty good. Thick steak fries fried crispy then covered in cheese, bacon, and sour cream. The steak fries stayed pretty crispy through the whole process which was awesome.

A lot of times, I can judge how much I enjoyed the fried chicken of an establishment depending on how many pieces I ate. Two pieces eaten means it was okay. Any more is really good. So at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken I ate 2 pieces. I think the spices on the crusts and the actual thickness of the crust threw me off. I'm more of a purist, I guess. However, if you like lots of bold spices on your chicken, this is for you.

Oh and if that weren't enough, after we chowed down our chicken and fries. We went back for ice cream. I had the honey vanilla.. They're pre-made in their own cups. Unfortunately for me, all the honey was on the bottom of the cup. So the last few bites were honey bombed. I love honey but  this was a bit much for me. And at $3.75 a pop, it didn't seem worth it to me. Skip it next time.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal at Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. It's not my favorite. That's still Bob White. However, this wouldn't be a bad alternative.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken
28 E 1st Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 228-0404


  1. Thanks for being my chicken guinea pig :)

    I walk past this place at least once every 2 weeks it seems and now I'll totally stop in for a platter or a thigh and those loaded wedges.

  2. Tasty, but pricey fried chicken and definitely no BobWhite.

    The chicken burger is a MISS. Needs be a fried chicken sandwich instead.


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