Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bob White Kitchen & Lunch Counter

There's something really special when you go to a place over and over again because nothing else can compare. Bob White is that kind of place for me. No other fried chicken in NYC can give me the same feeling of joy. In fact, it's better than a lot of places I've had around the country. It's just consistently good. Sorry, not good. Phenomenal.
Another fried chicken supper for 4 ($48) which in includes 12 pieces of chicken (we asked for all dark again). That chicken. What's more to say about it? Consistently juicy, well seasoned, crispy, hot, and delicious. Just really good fried chicken. You would not be disappointed.

The supper comes with a side of cole slaw and biscuits. They ran out of prepared biscuits so they made a whole new batch just for us. Fresh from the oven, hot, flaky, buttery soft pieces of heaven. I'm not a biscuit aficionado but these were so incredibly good. I greedily ate my own.
Sides are extra with the supper but well worth ordering. Collard greens ($4.50) are tangy, sweet, and just ever so slightly bitter. Perfectly balanced with the chicken.
The fried okra ($4) was lightly cornmeal battered and fried until crisp. Inside was soft and not slimy at all. I could eat these all day watching football. But only if I'm eating fried chicken as well.
And the mac and cheese ($4.50) is creamy and cheesy. A good balance of just a few main ingredients.
Bob White does it again. Not only is the food great but the service is fabulous too. With the delay of the biscuits, the staff offered us free dessert (banana pudding) which we humbly declined. We were too full since 3 of us shared the 4 person supper. They apologized several times and came over to check on us to make sure everything else was fine. And it sure was. As we were leaving with our leftovers, they told us that they threw in a couple more pieces of chicken. Wow! What incredible service. We wholeheartedly thanked them for the offer. We expected nothing else and here they go again above and beyond. It's this type of service that I find so great that I would go back again and again even if the food was just okay. But with Bob White, you get great service AND great food.

Bob White Kitchen and Lunch Counter
94 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-2972


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