Thursday, October 3, 2013

Event: Taste of France 2013

I went to the Taste of France event this past weekend. It showcased different foods from all over the country as well as sites and activities to enjoy. Naturally, I was most interested in the food. Whatever makes you the happiest, no?
Here's a statue of the Eiffel Tower made of butter from President. It was pretty cool. People were working on the little details to complete it.

Some of the food options that day were crepes, bouillabaisse, canele, and cheese (all not pictured). Some of the booths I did visit included macarons which I forgot to purchase some to try. I was too focused on the canele.
Trois Petit Cochon had a booth serving pates and cornichons. It was excellent as usual.
The D'Artagnan booth served sandwiches of your choice for a price. I had the foie gras sandwich with a drizzle of balsamic on top. It wasn't nearly as good as my sandwich from Fauchon in Paris but it hit the spot.
And the best booth, in my opinion was the Maille condiments station serving honey balsamic mustard and their traditional chablis dijon. I was instantly excited about the availability of the chablis in the USA. It was the only mustard that I wanted but wasn't able to bring back. The fear of it exploding in my suitcase won over me. But this was my chance and the lovely Elsa from Maille PR gave me that chance to bring home a crock. I've already tried it at home and love it. Too bad I didn't go back for another one. You know, stock up with my 15+ other mustards. I love the stuff.
Anyway, I really enjoyed my time at Taste of France. Although I wish they have more food booths in the park area as opposed to on the side of the street, it was a fun time.

Taste of France

Trois Petit Cochon



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  1. looks like so much fun!! I got to try some Maille mustard too - great stuff.


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