Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A few members of the FBM crew wanted to do the Fatburger Challenge which meant eating the XXXL burger (3 patties) with all toppings. There is no time limit. What do you get? The respect of those around you? Ha, definitely not. Heartburn? Maybe. Unnecessary calories consumed? Sure.

So while BeerBoor, TT, and Cheese scarfed down on their massive burgers, CT and I slowly ate our normal sized burgers. Though the website advertised a small burger, they didn't offer it at the location we attended. So instead, I had the medium sized burger with cheese but no other toppings. I went devoid of anything fresh and ordered the onion rings instead. Not sure why. It's what I wanted at the moment.
The burger itself was a bit lackluster. The quality of the beef was mediocre. The website claims lean ground beef. Thus the issue. Give me a proper fatty burger with seasoning, please. 80/20 is preferred. A bit fattier? Yea. A bit leaner? Nay. The onion rings were mediocre as well. Well fried and hot but lacked onion flavor. An order sure gave me a lot of rings though.

I didn't finish this meal which is a testament of how dissatisfied I was with the food. I just didn't feel like eating sad calories.

509 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016
(212) 904-1293


  1. I didn't feel it was as bad as you made it out to be. The amount of 'juice' leads me to believe the mix was totally not 80/20. Perhaps it wasn't seasoned correctly. There was decent crusty char though.

    It was decent for 12 or so bucks. You could do worse, yes better too, but hey it was worth the experience.

    1. I think because my burger was devoid of any toppings besides cheese, I could really taste the quality (or lack thereof) of the meat and seasoning.

    2. Aww that sucks. They asked me what I wanted on mine. I will say that the lady at the register was either really new or mentally retarded.

  2. I thought it was fine, though 2,000 calories, you know, not a daily indulgence. Lots of hot and spicy toppings from which to choose, which I guess should be taken as a sign that the meat is not the star here.

  3. yea no reason to go back. pretty meh burger. all 4 of them


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