Monday, October 21, 2013


For Ms. Lollipop's birthday, we went to Harlow to celebrate. It's a place to be seen. The fashion conscious and the high bank accounts to match. The room was loud and mostly filled with tall, skinny beautiful women and older men who buy them drinks. Well, at least the bar area was like that. The dining room was a little more mixed but still somewhat similar.
After looking over the menu, we picked our own appetizers and entrees. Then we shared the dessert. To start, I had the scallops (~$17) with cucumbers in a black bean sauce. Although the scallops were tender and the cucumbers were fresh, the black bean sauce was a bit overpowering. The delicate flavors of the gently prepared scallops was all lost.

Another popular appetizer that night was the frito misto ($20). This fried sampler came with king crab leg, calamari, scallop, shrimp, and seasonal vegetables with the accompanying tartar sauce.
For my entree, I had the strozzapreti pasta ($21) with kind crab and spicy sea urchin sauce. Chewy pasta noodles with flecks of sweet crab meat, and a spicy briny sauce. The dish was a bit pasta heavy while I wish there was a bit more crab meat.
The other popular entree was the seafood pie ($19) which was actually listed under the appetizer section. I can't imagine this portion being served as an appetizer. It was huge and clearly heavy with its creamy chowder like soup inside. My friends enjoyed it.
For dessert, we shared the Harlow's ice cream sundae ($11) with a vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry gelato base with add your own toppings such was sprinkles, toffee pieces, white chocolate chips, and maraschino cherries. We also had the churros with hot chocolate marshmallows ($10) which were mediocre.
Mr. M&P went a bit crazy and pretty much dumped all the toppings onto the gelato. It was messy but tasted okay. I liked the toffee pieces the best.
Overall, I thought the food at Harlow to just be okay. Nothing really stood out. If you are to go to Harlow, go to the bar for a hip vibe and people watching. The hour before last call was really interesting.

111 E 56th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 935-6600

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