Thursday, October 10, 2013

Smith & Wollensky

Date night with Mr. M&P again. This time we headed out to Smith & Wollensky, a famous steakhouse in NYC. They're known for their dry aged prime rib steak and that was exactly what I was aiming to get. But before we start, an order of the shrimp cocktail (4 for $19.50). These jumbo shrimp (really they were prawns by the size of them) were cooked perfectly. Cold with a bite, not mealy, but very meaty. The cocktail sauce was clearly made in house and not bottled. Lots of horseradish in there which left a happy spicy bite. Though pricey, these were excellent.
When I went to order my prime rib, they notified me that they were sold out for the night. It was only slightly past 8pm. Damn. The waiter informed us that they normally sell out every night around that time. It's a very popular item. With that said, he tipped us that next time we make a reservation, if we ask them to save a prime rib for us, they would. Wow! What a great tip. And with that, he got a great tip from us as well.

So my second choice for a steak was the NY Sirloin on the bone ($54). Surprised I didn't get the rib steak? Yeah, so was our waiter. But I wanted something a bit less fatty if it wasn't prime rib. So sirloin it was. This steak came medium rare as I preferred and was beautifully crusty on the outside. Inside, the meat was deep pink and almost red holding in drops of meat juice in every bit. Seasoning was aggressive but necessary. I really enjoyed this steak.
Sides were creamed spinach ($12.50) which wasn't the best but just good enough. As Mr. M&P put it, creamed spinach just goes so well with steak. I agree.
My choice for a side were the hash browns ($9 for the small) and it came hot and crispy to the table. Salted bits of crunchy potatoes on the outside, soft fluffy potatoes on the inside. This hash brown exceeded my expectations. It was really, really good.
I was happily surprised by my meal at Smith & Wollensky. I knew I would enjoy it but I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. Especially since I didn't get my prime rib. Truth me told though, I have heard that other locations of Smith & Wollensky aren't as good as the original in NYC. You'll find that with a lot of restaurant franchises. It's just not the same elsewhere. Whatever, my heart is in NYC anyway.

Smith & Wollensky
797 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 753-1530

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