Tuesday, October 8, 2013


While I was in Atlanta, Le Chef was telling us how much he enjoyed sushi from Soto back in the day. Soto has since moved to NYC and recently held onto its 2 Michelin Stars. So what better way to celebrate with Mrs. Green M&M, Mr. HP Sauce, and Ms. Pastry Chef than with an extravagant meal at Soto?
Instead of an omakase, we decided to order a bunch of dishes to share. Some were composed dishes while others were sushi. We started the night with the uni cocktail ($15) from Russia with a soy reduction and wasabi. I have never had uni from Russia before and was very interested to taste what the quality was like. This was excellent. The sea urchin was fresh, bright, creamy, and briny. Each piece melted in my mouth and left the taste of the sea.

Seaweed salad ($4) is always a refreshing dish to start the meal. Sweet, chewy, and crunchy.
I really love chawan mushi ($10) so when I saw this on the menu, I jumped at the chance to order it. This egg custard had shrimp, chicken, shiitake mushrooms, mitsuba, ginko nuts, and yuzu zest. I really enjoyed the earthy and homey feel of this dish. The custard itself was delicate but also filled with delicious morsels.
Their tuna tartare ($16) was something special. Chopped big eye tuna, pine nuts, Asian pear, cucumber, scallion, and sesame seed in a spicy sesame sauce. A beautiful dish that showcased the contrasting colors, flavors, and textures.
The salmon citrus ($18) was lightly cured Scottish salmon in sudachi sauce with cilantro and scallions. Really fresh fish with a bright tang to each bite.
Another favorite Japanese dish of mine is agedashi. It's usually served with deep fried tofu in a sauce. But Soto's version was scallop and flucke shiso agedashi ($14) with deep fried shiso wrapped scallop and fluke served in a dashi sauce. The tempura battered seafood was so delicate and light that it almost felt like it wasn't fried at all. But the crunch could not be mistaken.
Another very interesting dish was the broiled lobster with mango and portabello mushrooms ($24). The lightly broiled Maine lobster with panko crust was served like a sandwich with chopped mango and mushrooms in between. This certainly wasn't what I was expecting when we ordered this dish. But that's not a bad thing. I like happy surprises sometimes. And this was certainly one of them. Delicate sweet lobster meat with a slight crunch from the panko crust. Sweet mango and earthy mushrooms balanced out the meat.
When Mrs. Green M&M and I spotted black cod on the menu, we had to order it. It's our favorite fish but often times it is really difficult to find on menus as well as at fish markets. The allusive black cod. Soto's dish was a soy broth braised sable fish (sable fish = black cod) with Japanese satoimo, turnip, and shimeji mushroom. An excellent dish with super tender fish that was savory but not overly salty. Tender turnips and soft mushrooms rounded out this plate. I could eat this almost every day for a meal. So simple, so elegant, so delicious.
After all  the prepared dishes, we dined on sushi nigiri to finish off the meal. Here we shared the chu toro (big eye tuna) from Ecuador ($8 each), and hotate (live scallop) from Maine ($5 each). So fresh, naturally sweet flesh with a savory taste to balance it out. The bed of rice was the perfect accompaniment.
Next round of sushi included ikura (salmon roe) from Alaska ($6 each), kampachi (amberjack) from Japan ($5 each), and anago (sea eel) from Japan ($6 each). Another wonderful presentation of sushi and its delicate flavors.
A few rolls were ordered to share as well. Here is the salmon avocado roll ($12).
The scallop shiso roll ($9).
And the negi toro roll ($15) which was chopped fatty tuna with scallions.
Everything presented to us at Soto was delicious. Service was reserved but enough attention was given so the flow of food and chatter wasn't interrupted. Overall, I really enjoyed myself at Soto and would not hesitate to go back again.

357 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 414-3088


  1. Oooh - I've had this place on my list for awhile, but never been. Glad to hear such good things - I think it's time it gets moved to the top! Everything looks delish and so fresh!

    1. It too was on my list for awhile but never jumped past the other Japanese sushi places. I'm happy I went. You would definitely enjoy it too.


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