Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Butterfly

There are a lot of things about me that are pretty predictable. Food is one of those things. There are certain chefs and certain foods that I will eat over and over again. Seeking out the best or just returning to an old favorite. Research? Sure you can call it that. But truly, I'm just satisfying my hunger.
So when Chef Michael White opened up The Butterfly, it was hot on my list to go. It helped that it was relatively affordable compared to Costata (also recently opened but needs some saving up for that meal). After The Butterfly opened for a fair amount of time to get the kinks out, I recruited another big Michael White fan to go try it out with me, The Feisty Foodie (FF). She needed no convincing but I did mention fried chicken to her to tickle her salivation.

Reservations are not taken so I waited for my companion at the bar. I ordered a Tom Collins and watched the wonderful bartender work intricately on my drink. It tasted amazing. I can appreciate a well made drink and they certainly made that an important aspect of the experience at The Butterfly.

To start our meal, I chose the pork rinds ($8) while FF picked the reuben croquettes ($9). The pork rinds were fried until light and crunchy then dusted with pomodoro powder, pecorino, black pepper, and rosemary. A savory and flavorful chip. The fried reuben croquettes had corned beef, sauerkraut, and rye bread crumbs. The sauce is thousand island sauce. A cute homage to a NYC classic. These were well executed being fried well with a crispy outside, soft creamy inside dotted evenly with beef and kraut. The sauce was creamy, tangy, and slightly sweet.
At this point, we realized that we both ordered all fried dishes. Hahaha! Oh well. We ordered what we wanted to eat: delicious fried foods. Anyway, for our main courses, we both had the buttermilk fried chicken ($23) each with a half Bell & Evans chicken, cole slaw, and a hot biscuit. We had to ask for the honey butter which was excellent. The chicken came dark which usually means it is crispy. And it certainly was. Two pieces of dark meat (thigh and drumstick) and two pieces of white meat (breast and wing) graced the plate. Slowly but surely I worked my way through all the chicken. Yes, I ate all of it including my biscuit. I tasted the coleslaw but wasn't too excited about it. I never really am excited when it comes to cole slaw. Anyway, I enjoyed this chicken. Well fried, well seasoned, and juicy. Tasted pretty damn good to me.
FF was a weakling and didn't finish her meal. She even attempted at throwing a piece onto the bench next to her. Luckily for me, my quick senses kicked in and witnessed the absurdity of that act. Even the waitress jabbed her one about the attempted fried chicken homicide. But she did eat more fries ($5) than I did. She is a potato monster. These were also fried well being soft and fluffy inside but crispy on the out side. They're a bit thick though so more akin to steak fries than shoestring which is how I prefer my potatoes.
In case we didn't have enough food, we ordered dessert as well. This time we shared. The Hot Blonde ($8) was the choice of the night. Brown butter pecan ice cream, soft blondies, and salted caramel. Sweet, salty ice cream sundae. I enjoyed it and was just the right amount of sweet for me to end the night.
Overall, I really enjoyed my meal at The Butterfly. The food was good and the service extremely professional but friendly. The atmosphere is young and thus louder. Conversation wasn't disturbed but chatter could be heard all over.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when our fried chicken plates came, people certainly had diner's envy. The couple on one side that seemingly was on a date couldn't stop staring. They shared their chicken while daintily eating it with a fork and knife. FF and I dug in with our greedy hands. Eventually, they gave up and ate with their hands too. Yeah! That's how it's done. And on the other side of us, a 4 top sat down and just blurted out "OMG, fried chicken!". One or two of them subsequently ordered the same dish later that night. Why would one ever deny oneself hot delicious fried chicken? The world may never know.

You can also read Feisty Foodie's assessment of The Butterfly, here.

The Butterfly
225 W Broadway
New York, NY 10013
(646) 692-4943


  1. CT and I will have to add this to the list.

    Friedpalooza. A true Wisconsin meal

  2. Hahah, potato monster! And "fried chicken homicide" - wutttttttttttttttttt :P

  3. DROOLZ.
    Fried chicken weakling? smh.
    Sweet. I do like thick fries.

    Down for a return trip in the future? I wants chicken.
    Wouldn't mind going back to The Dutch either.


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