Monday, October 7, 2013

The Meatball Shop (9th Avenue location)

Mr. M&P one day decided to take us out to eat on a date. And why not? It's nice to treat ourselves once in awhile. And although I had become lazy and didn't want to get dressed to go out, Mr. M&P pushed and pushed and so I relented and picked my ass up.
Oh how glad I was that he did. We walked downtown to The Meatball Shop on 22nd street and 9th avenue and put our name down for a 20 minutes wait. We had no agenda that night so a wait wasn't an issue. Plus, we were in good spirits despite Mr. M&P's I-told-you-so manner about how I would feel better if I left the apartment. He was right.

After a wait that didn't feel too long, we sat down and looked over the menu. It's a laminated paper with a dry erase pen. You check off the items that you want and they'll order it for you. Interesting casual way of running things. I opted for the smashed meatball burger ($9) with spicy pork meat, classic marinara sauce, and mozzarella on top sandwiched between a brioche bun. A side salad as garnish. You can add an egg for $1 but I thought it would be too messy.
Here is what the meatball patty looks like. The menu stated that 2 meatballs were smashed and sandwiched though I only noticed one. Well, maybe they smashed them together then flat. So this would be 2? I'm not sure. In any case, I enjoyed the burger. The bread was really soft and fluffy but held up well to the sauce and melted cheese. I pressed down on the bread a bit to rectify the whole bread to meat ratio. And that's when it was done right for me. I really enjoyed this and ate every last bite.
Mr. M&P had the meatball hero ($10) with classic beef, parmesan cream, and provoline cheese. Though he enjoyed his meal as well, he thought the brioche bread to be better and the parmesan cream to be non-existent. Next time, he would change up his order.

For dessert, we each had our own ice cream sandwich. I opted for the oatmeal raisin with vanilla ice cream ($5).
While he had the chocolate chip cookie with chocolate ice cream.
Both were delicious. The soft, chewy cookies sandwiching the cool ice cream that yielded to each and every bite.

I have to say that the table next to us tried to eat the ice cream sandwiches with spoons. What?! By the end of their meal, their dishes were filled with melted ice cream and half eaten cookies. Just pick up the damn sandwich. This is a casual joint with loud music and conversation. A sexy, romantic spot this is not. But it's the perfect date for Mr. M&P and I. Delicious food, casual atmosphere, filled bellies.

The Meatball Shop
200 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 257-4363‎

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