Monday, November 4, 2013

Grano Trattoria

Mr. M&P and I was out for date night. We had aimed to go to Umami Burger but the line was insane. There were about 30 people standing outside waiting with even more people inside. The wait was unreasonable for us so we moved on. Not having a plan B, we just walked around to see if anything peaked our interested. When we stopped in front of Grano Trattoria, we looked over the menu and decided to try it.

To start, we shared the scarmoza con pizza fritta e cavoletto ($12). The seared scamorza cheese was smoky and creamy, the fried pizza was crispy, and the brussels sprouts tender and sweet. This was a nicely composed appetizer that was the perfect size for two people.
For his entree, Mr. M&P had the gnocchi lasagna. The soft nuggets of potato based pasta balls in a crock full of tomato sauce and cheese. This was a hearty one but delicious.
I had the fire roasted pork chop with sweet potatoes and walnuts. The pork chop was bone-in and tender. It was slightly dry probably due to not being brined prior to cooking but the seasoning was very nice. The sweet potatoes were tender and the walnuts crunchy. I enjoyed this dish but failed to eat it all.
Grano Trattoria provided us with an okay meal. The food was fine but not spectacular. However, I wasn't expecting spectacular. I wanted something good to eat while we enjoyed each other's company. And this place was just it. It's a nice neighborhood find.

Grano Trattoria
21 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 645-2121

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