Monday, November 11, 2013

Mexico Blvd

My coworker who recently went wheat free (not just gluten free, wheat free) couldn't stop raving about the Mexico Blvd food truck. We went into finite details about their tacos and how delicious they are. I explained by reservations but he wholeheartedly reconfirmed that Chipotle this was not.
We arrived to the truck before 12 noon to avoid long lines. He warned me about this. And he was right. We arrived to a line but it was doable. More people stood behind us while we waited to order.

After looking over the truck side menu, I decided to get 3 different tacos ($8 special; normally $3 each) with the bistec, pork adobo, and chicken tinga with the addition of crispy cheese (+$0.50). Their tortillas are made completely of corn so no need to worry about wheat allergies there.
After I received my food which wasn't very long at all (they've got the lunch rush down), I walked back to my desk and opened up the container. My first reaction was mixed. I noticed the double tortilla per taco right away and was happy about that. I also noticed that all of the tacos looked strangely similar. Oh no! Are they going to taste relatively the same.

Then my stomach growled and told me to stop thinking so much and start eating. First the bistec on the left. Top round steak with beer and chile sauce. Top round is a relatively lean cut of meat and it was apparent it here. Despite the slightly dry but tender meat, the flavor was very good. I enjoyed the sweetness of the tortillas with the freshness of the onions, salsa, and cilantro on top. Overall, I thought it to be a very decent taco.
And this is where things change with the pork adobo taco. This slow roasted pork loin (also a lean cut of meat) cooked in a family adobo sauce was fantastic. One bite and I was amazed. The complexity of the flavors were outstanding. Sweet, savory, spicy. And the meat was so tender and yet juicy. It was a complete taco and it was fabulous.
The chicken tinga taco was no different. White meat chicken (again, lean meat) marinated in a tomato and chipotle sauce with crispy cheese. Wow, that was some good stuff again. The meat wasn't dry and the flavors complex and yet bright. The crispy cheese was like a parmesan crisp but they used chihuahua cheese instead. It was a great addition to the taco. Not that it needed it.
After I hurriedly ate my tacos, I rushed over to my coworkers desk and thanked him for introducing me to this truck. I couldn't stop raving about it but really no words needed to be said. He could tell from my empty lunch container and the smile on my face that I was happy. So happy.

Mexico Blvd changed the Mexican food truck/cart world for me. I almost cast it aside but this experience was enlightening. I know nothing about authentic Mexican food but I do know that they served freaking delicious food and opened my eyes to something more. You know I'll be certain to go back.

Mexico Blvd
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