Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trestle on Tenth

Dinner with some out of town friends are always a delight. Especially when I get to choose the restaurant. The criteria was to be around Penn Station and "flavor of the month". Whatever that means. I just went with my gut and picked a few places that have been on my radar. We settled on Trestle on Tenth after seeing a wild mushroom promotion on their website.
I was the only one who had 2 courses that night. That made me feel really gluttonous but it was worth it. I started with the seared sweetbreads with lemon aioli, capers, and cilantro. Tender pieces of sweetbreads breaded and fried until crispy. These were prepared very nicely. Properly cleaned and freshly fried to order. The tang of the aioli and capers with the freshness of the cilantro paired really well with the richness of the sweetbreads. This was a larger portion than what I am used to. But since it was prepared so expertly, I had no issue finishing it all.

For my second course, I decided to go a bit lighter and order the seared scallops with chanterelles, fava beans, asparagus, and celery. This dish was delicious. Hard seared scallops with really tender inside. Fresh asparagus and fava beans, woody chanterelles, and creamy celery root puree. A perfect spring time dish. Light yet completely filling.
Mr. M&P only had one dish but he only needed one dish. The bone-in pork chop with potato gratin. Wowza! This was a huge portion but perfect for Mister Meat and Potatoes. He gobbled it all up.
I really enjoyed the food and service at Trestle on Tenth. The feel of the restaurant is friendly and inviting. It reminds me of a nice casual neighborhood place but the food is more refined. I only regret not going much earlier when I used to live closer to the area.

Trestle on Tenth
242 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 645-5659

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