Wednesday, November 13, 2013


For her birthday this year, the Feisty Foodie wanted sushi to celebrate. Who am I to say no? So off we went with Dessert Zombie to Ushiwakamaru in search of a great omakase (~$120).
The meal started with some seaweed to whet our appetites. It was both savory and sweet which made my water water in excitement for what's to come.

First up, a platter of incredibly fresh sashimi including tuna, amberjack, octopus snow crab, and mackerel. Every piece was incredible delicate yet meaty. It was a good representation of the quality of fish you would get here.
And that's where everything went downhill. For my memory, that is. I was 2 glasses of wine in and sake being poured generously by Dessert Zombie. Sorry but I can't remember what was served to me. Even worse, I convinced the Feisty Foodie that I had a good visual memory when it comes to food so she didn't take any notes either. The blind leading the blind, I guess.
What I can remember was deliciousness all around. The chef carefully prepping each and every piece. Us oohing and aahing. Eating, drinking, and chatting merrily.
I do remember this was shrimp. Not the large cooked ebi sushi that you see quite often. But tiny little raw shrimp with the slightest touch of the chef's sauce to accentuate it's natural sweetness.
And more and more pieces of sushi graced our counter.
We happily thanked the chef each and every time as it was so tasty. So fresh. So satisfying.
And yet still, after I all that I can't remember what I had. Damn you alcohol. You're so delicious and yet so debilitating. However, I do think this is toro mainly based on the marbling.
Even looking at these distinct pieces of fish, I can't start to tell you what it was.
Neither can I tell you the small different nuances of each piece.
Whether it was meaty, light, sweet, or savory.
This I believe was the giant clam which I remember only because it was the only piece that I didn't enjoy that much. The texture was a bit too rubbery and hard for me. It was actually kind of difficult to eat.
But I quickly swallowed that and moved onto the next helping.
This piece is easily identifiable as salmon roe. Briny and savory orbs that gladly popped in my mouth as I shut my palate over it. My mouth rejoiced in happiness.
And even more happy when uni was served to us. I will always say yes to uni.
And this is where the regular omakase ended. Meaning this is where the chef's choice stopped. And this is where I started making requests such as sea eel. I much prefer this over unagi which is a freshwater eel. The flavors and textures are different. This one is a bit more delicate and doesn't have that sweet glaze on top.
I also requested scallop. I've started becoming a big fan of raw scallop. The chef almost said no to us because he was low on fresh scallop. But he thought it over and came up with a way to serve us 3 pieces of scallop sushi. Sweet, tender, soft. So incredibly good. I remain a fan of raw scallop.
And what's a meal without more toro? Yup, we wanted another piece.
Dessert Zombie was a big fan of the snowcrab so we ordered another piece of it. This time it was served with rice. Still sweet as ever.
And we ended our savory night with a last bite of uni. Sweet, briny, savory uni. So good. So happy.
Sushi is considered super light food to me. I can keep eating and eating. But price always gets in the way. Luckily, dessert was wanted my everyone that night. This is the Lady M green tea crepe cake. I've never had Lady M desserts before but have heard good things about it. I really enjoyed this cake even though I'm not a big green tea dessert person. It was light, not too sweet, and the green tea flavor was just enough for me.
We also tried the black sesame ice cream because the Feisty Foodie loves black sesame desserts. It was really creamy with dots of black sesame that looked almost like vanilla bean to me. I liked this ice cream too. It wasn't too sweet and ended the night on a high note.
Overall I really enjoyed my omakase meal at Ushiwakamaru. I'm sorry that I can't remember the more finite details of my meal. But I do know that I enjoyed it very much and would go back again.

136 West Houston Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 228-4181‎


  1. Thank you both again for celebrating my birthday with me in style! You are the bestest xo :)

  2. Glad my twin and Tasty enjoyed the omakase. Great meal. Really fresh fish. Sweet sweet crab for this zombie. The sake was good.


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