Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moo Shu Grill Truck

When I heard that the Bian Dang group opened up sister trucks such as the Moo Shoo Grill and the Domo Taco truck, I was intrigued. I have enjoyed Bian Dang (aka NYC Cravings) previously so the Moo Shoo Grill truck seemed good enough to try. Also, this used to be the Fishing Shrimp Truck which I really enjoyed but it is no longer. They could not sustain the rising prices of their goods. So sad.

I approached the truck without hesitation and ordered a set of 3 moo shu pancakes with five spice pork, Taiwanese basil chicken, and XOXO beef ($9). When I received my container to go, I thought of it to be heavy. Oof! What's in this thing? I opened it up at my desk and found the following. These 3 largely stuffed moo shu pancakes.
I started with the basil chicken first. The chicken was well cooked, tender and flavorful. The accompanying vegetables weren't too impressive but enough to balance out the wrap. Lastly, the abundance of the mayo was what overpowered the moo shu for me. It made it heavy and messy. You might really enjoy mayo but I do not. Just a slight schmear is what I appreciate. With that said, it wasn't a bad moo shu though I thought the pancake was much too thick and large. It was basically a large tortilla wrap.
With the large tortillas and heavy mayo laced moo shu wraps, I didn't make it through all of them. I ate the five spice pork next which was equally good. Meat was tender and flavorful. The beef which I ate last and was the most excited about (I really like XO sauce), wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. But the flavor, again, and nice.

Overall, I thought Moo Shu Grill truck served decent food. You certainly get a lot of food for your money. Next time, though, I'll ask for a little less mayo. But truly, that's personal preference. I would go back and try their rice bowl. Hopefully their Peking duck won't be sold out yet.

Moo Shu Grill Truck
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