Thursday, December 19, 2013

Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck

As you can tell, I went without lunch for a week. So I hit up a bunch of food trucks that I haven't tried before. The Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck is one such truck (Phew! What a mouthful!)
But if you're telling me I can get delicious kielbasa and pierogies, I'm there!

And naturally, that's what I ordered. This is the Lite Combo ($10). With this lunch special you get a grilled kielbasa, and 4 potato and cheese pierogies. How is this considered lite? Well, you can also get a combo of kielbasa and meat pierogies for the same price. You also get a side of bread, pickle and lots of mustard.
So how was it? Freaking delicious. The kielbasa had a wonderful snap to the skin that was made crispy when cooked. Lots of spiced and flavors going on in that sausage. The mustard was strong and paired really well with the rich sausage.

The pierogies were soft yet pliant. Inside, the stuffing of potatoes and cheese was creamy and not too heavy. Nicely seasoned as well. I also mistakenly received a kraut and mushroom pierogie which I really enjoyed. It was a nice balance between all the meat and potatoes. I didn't touch the bread but the pickle's brine helped cut through the fat in this dish.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal from Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck. They only do a few items but they do those very well. I'll certainly go back.

Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Truck
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