Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Paris Sandwich Truck

Walking up 46th Street in Midtown, you'll find a variety of food trucks parked and ready to serve. Some of the more favorite trucks could boast lines 20+ people deep. On a short lunch break, that just wouldn't work. So when I stumbled upon the Paris Sandwich Truck, I happily walked right up to the window and ordered my meal.

I ordered the grilled chicken baguette ($8) then rushed home to devour it. To my surprise, what unwrapped in front of me was heart breaking. First and foremost the bread was soft. There was no crusty crunch to the outside. The pickled carrots and daikon was very watered down and didn't have a vinegar bite to it at all. The grilled chicken was lackluster and not flavorful not juicy. And the few leaves of cilantro was just sadly tossed in.
With the individual ingredients so terrible, you would assume that the whole was just as bad. Wrong. It was worse. This is one of the worst sandwiches I've had. Everything was just bad and I wasted precious calories trying to eat this.
The people on this truck should be ashamed of serving this sandwich. It was terrible. No wonder there was no line at their truck window.

Paris Sandwich Truck
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