Monday, December 16, 2013

Souvlaki GR Truck

When the Souvlaki GR Truck first started out it didn't venture into Midtown. It stayed as far uptown as the Flatiron and Chelsea neighborhoods. I bugged them about it but they weren't ready for the Midtown masses of office workers looking for lunch. But eventually they opened up a storefront which allowed their truck to explore new areas.
They've been servicing Midtown now for a while but it has taken me quite some time to go visit them.

But once I finally made my way to them, I knew I had to get the Greek fries ($6) which comes with feta cheese and a tzatziki sauce for dipping. Unfortunately, the fries tasted old. It tasted like they sat around pre-fried for awhile then re-fried when someone orders. I tasted the off putting old oil. It was not very tasty. The feta cheese and side dip was good though.
I also got a chicken souvlaki pita ($5.50) with tomatoes, onions, grilled chicken, fries, and tzatziki sauce. This was very good. The soft pita, the juicy chicken, and the fresh garnished were very well balanced. I enjoyed and wish I had gotten 2 pitas for lunch instead of the side of fries.
Overall, I enjoyed my pita from Souvlaki GR truck. I'd skip the fries next time unless I knew they were being made fresh to order. The storefront might be slightly different though.

Souvlaki GR Truck
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  1. must have been an off day.

    i have gotten the greek fries a couple of times and they were nice and hot. super crispy!


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