Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving: Garlic Bread

A lot of people serve bread with their meals especially at Thanksgiving. I bring it up a notch with homemade garlic bread. Oh yes, that garlic butter is crack. You can smell it down the hall enticing you to try some. If you like garlic, you'd love this garlic butter.
And how does the butter work? Basically in a slow poaching method that caramelized both the garlic and the milk solids of the butter. It almost becomes a brown butter garlic spread.

For 2 loaves of bread, I use 3 sticks of butter and 2 bulbs of garlic that's roughly chopped.
Place on the stove on medium heat until the butter is melted. The milk solid will float to the top.
Reduce the heat to low and let it slowly cook. It'll take about an hour. But trust me, it's worth it.
When the butter is done, scrap everything into a bowl so that it can solidify again. See those delicious garlic pieces below? That flavor infused the butter. It's garlic everything.
Here's the solidified butter.
To make the garlic bread, I take a crusty loaf like ciabatta and cut it in half.
Then I generously spread the garlic butter on top sides.
Under the broiler under low it goes until the bread is toasted and crispy. Top with parsley leaves.
The smell will be intoxicating and the flavor intense. Make sure you eat it while hot.

Garlic Bread

1 loaf of ciabatta bread
3 sticks of butter
2 bulbs of garlic, roughly chopped
1 handful of flat parsley leaves, roughly chopped

1. Place butter and garlic into a pan on medium heat. When butter is melted, lower heat to low and let cook for 60 minutes until butter is golden brown and garlic is caramelized.
2. Allow butter to cool and solidify again. Cool in refrigerator overnight if necessary. But allow butter to soften before making the bread.
3. Preheat broiler on low. Slice ciabatta loaf in half lengthwise. Generously spread butter on both sides. Toast bread under broil for about 5 minutes until bread is browned and toasted. Keep a watchful eye. Burned garlic is not tasty.
4. Remove from heat and garnish with chopped parsley. Serve immediately.

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