Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baking: Chocolate Tart

The chocolate tart came out really good. It was super rich and luxurious. Just a small piece was enough to satiate each person. And it really wasn't too difficult to make. It had many steps but overall I would say it was a medium difficultly. It's definitely worth the try especially if you have people who really enjoy a rich, dark intense chocolate dessert. By the way, this isn't a chocolate dessert that I think a child would like. It's more of a dark chocolate dessert as opposed to a sweet dessert.
Also, this was the first tart I ever made. So there's much to be improved. On to the recipe!

Here I'm toasting the hazelnuts to bring out more flavor. You can tell when a nut is toasted when it becomes very fragrant. Keep an eye on it though. They can easily burn.
After the nuts are toasted and cooled, I ground them up in a food processor and added the rest of the dough ingredients. I mixed them up well until they came together.
Wrap it into a ball and flatten. Then put it in the refrigerator to tighten up.
Once tightened up, roll out in thin sheet.
Place the sheet into the tart pan and make sure you push the dough into the side. Then cover with aluminum foil and place pie weights into the tart pan. Bake until golden brown. Unfortunately, I overbaked my crust. See below? Yeah, that's a bit too dark.
And now the best part: the chocolate. Here, I chopped up some delicious chocolate into small pieces.
To that, I added hot cream so that it would melt the chocolate slowly.
I also added butter to make it much more luxurious.
Mix the ingredients together with a whisk slowly making sure not to aerate the chocolate. You want it to be extremely smooth.
Pour the mixture into the baked tart shell and then bake again. Cool and put in the refrigerator overnight.
Right before you serve the tart, melt some chocolate and spread it out evenly on the tart. Serve immediately. The texture is smooth, creamy and thick. The chocolate is rich and intense. The tart shell wasn't burnt but tasted overdone to me. Next time, it'll spend less time in the oven. But overall, I really enjoyed this chocolate tart. It was definitely super chocolaty.
Proper recipe to come! Stay tuned.

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