Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cookie Swap 2013

Lucky for me, I was able to use the same cookies from my holiday dinner for my cookie swap. You know how the saying goes: two birds, one...blah blah.
Anyway, I served lemon iced cookies, smores brownies, and cranberry pistachio chocolate chip. Next year, I'll keep the lemon cookies (but forgoing the meyer lemons for regular lemons) and skipping the other two cookies. I'll make mini regular brownies instead of the smores kind. And the third one is always an experiment. I haven't found something that I liked enough to keep repeating it.

And of course I made something completely new like salted caramel popcorn. Extra salt made this batch just the way I prefer it. More salty than sweet but still addicting. Mr. HP Sauce was munching on it during the holiday dinner and said, "I don't even like this flavor but I can't stop eating it."
The Feisty Foodie made mozzarella cheese crisps, a lemon creme bar, fudge, caramels, mint chip cookies, and espresso chocolate chip (I think).
Dessert Zombie went crazy again and bought a whole bunch of stuff. I'm going to have to limit him to just 3-4 next time.
And a newcomer this year bought some Tate's cookies. Can you believe I've never had Tate's before? I like them though they're a bit crispier than what I generally like.


  1. Limit the zombie? So one dessert before dinner instead of two. Hey, I spent less this year. And the keg of nuts is hilarious but also on sale.

    Thanks for baking. Too salty was the popcorn without a drink.

    1. I mean limit you to how many items you're allowed to purchase.

    2. That's crazy talk. Well, would just get more creative and hopefully not expensive... I could always just buy ONE item each.


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