Monday, January 13, 2014

FBM Holiday Potluck 2013

Another end of the year, another Holiday Potluck with good food, white elephant gift exchange, and drinks abound. It's always a good time at TT and CT's home. Thanks for hosting.
First up, maple glazed bacon and chocolate chip cookies from Beer Boor. Sweet, salty, and smokey. This wasn't only for dessert. It was good at any time.

My contribution this time around was Korean spiced pork spare ribs. I marinated the ribs in gochujjang and a variety of other sauces then roasted them in the oven. A blast under the broiler finished it off which caramelized the sugars. They look burnt below but trust me they weren't. The end result was a sweet spicy rib. I liked it and I think everyone else liked it too. Apparently, I have to make more ribs next time.
TT made Japanese Mum's Chicken which was chicken drumsticks cooked in soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and some other ingredients. This sweet, salty, sour chicken was excellent. It reminded me of the soy sauce chicken my mom used to make all the time but with a tang. I really liked the addition of the tang.
Abnormous Cheese made an onion and bacon tart with lots and lots of bacon on top. I really liked that the bacon remained crispy and the onions were caramelized.
KC brought over some antipasti that she assembled herself with a variety of cheese, meats, artichokes, and peppers.
She also wrapped different meats around bread sticks. One for me, one for you. Two for me, one for you. Hahaha!
Mr. M&P brought over his mom's cutlis and tomato sauce. These fried beef patties with spices and herbs are really good. It's kind of like a burger patty but battered and deep fried.
One of CT's dishes were apple and sausage stuffing bites. These mini stuffing muffins were perfect for snacking and grazing throughout the day/night.
Nommables made pastelon which is a sweet plantain lasagna. I've never had this before let alone heard of it. It was really good. The sweet thin layers of fried plantains with layers of ground beef and sauce. The play on sweet and savory was really balanced here. Although he said it's supposed to be sweeter (he didn't use very ripe plantains), I really liked this version.
Rogue made meatballs which were incredibly tender yet meaty. The sauce was nicely done too.
And for dessert, CT also made a red and green velvet cake.
Look at that holiday spirit. It was a nice sweet ending to all the savory dishes.
Another really wonderful potluck. Great food, great company.


  1. Jeez, we had an insane amount of food, didn't we? I like that my cookies, on the Star of David plate of course, are above the fold!

    Those ribs were anything but burnt. Beautifully caramelized, I'd say!

  2. It was so much fun with great food all around. Not a bad dish in the house, but my favorite was the lasagna - I happily ate those leftovers for days!
    I'm glad you got a pic of my cake - after all my efforts, I forgot to take one of the inside colors!

  3. (F)ennel (B)raised (M)eercat?


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