Friday, February 14, 2014


Blanca is the type of restaurant that does not allow cameras nor cell phones. We asked our waitress about it and she said that it slowed down the food service. In fact, it pushed it an extra hour. Why? Well, it's a 20+ course menu. So if they had to stop for every dish, it adds up. I mean this meal was already a couple of hours long. I really can't imagine it being another hour. That would be too much. So instead of a post filled with drool inducing pictures, I'm giving you a list of their dishes as I remember them.

1. Salsify, almond creme
2. Glass shrimp, blood orange, poppyseeds
3. Lettuce, radish, broth
4. Perch, black lime
5. Beef in broth
6. Coppa, pancetta
7. Octopus, squid
8. Sea urchin, apple
9. Sea urchin
10. Rosemary, pork, crispy skin
11. Salt baked potatoes, sweet potato
12. Hawaiian bread, baguette, malt bread, butter
13. Lamb, mint jelly
14. 90-day aged beef, onions, orange fruit
15. Kohlrabi palate cleanser
16. Green tea
17. Smoked ricotta ice cream, Persian lime
18. Kohlrabi ice cream, black sesame horchata foam
19. Fennel pollen marshmallow, speculoos, chocolate
20. Peachy pasta, squad ragu
21. Nduja agnolotti
22. Plankton ravioli
23. Hard apple cider
24. Mackerel shaving, seared cauliflower
25. Tofu, red kale

At only 12 seats per seating (with super comfortable chairs), the Blanca kitchen seems like a place to experiment with foods and techniques. You're seated at a bar facing the open kitchen watching the chefs and cooks heat, season, slice, and garnish. It was really interesting. The meal cost $195 per person. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I go again? Probably not. It's worth the one try but it didn't wow me enough to go back over and over again. But that doesn't mean it wasn't good. They're quite innovative with their food.

261 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(347) 799-2807


  1. Why do THEY have to stop when you take pictures? Just curious. Anyway, it's bad when I look at the price and how many courses and I think "that doesn't sound terribly expensive" ...

    1. Because each dish is timed. The entire 12 seats are eating the same course around the same time. So if one person is taking a picture but the group next to them is not, it throws off the timing completely. I watched the chefs work as we ate and they are cooking constantly from one course to the other. So when each course is only 1-2 bites, even the extra seconds/minutes to take pictures would add up to a lot of time with 20+ total courses.

  2. Oh okay, that makes sense. I didn't realize they were 1-2 bites. So you were eating at a steady pace even with 1-2 bite dishes. So were you satisfied at the end, or were you about to explode stuffed, or still hungry? If it's small plates like that, sounds like one would be satisfied at the end, not explode-ready.

    1. I was satiated. Not hungry nor exploding. I stupidly said I could eat a slice of pizza when I left the restaurant. 15 minutes later, I did not feel that way.


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