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Have you noticed that I've been blogging a lot recently? Well, I get inspired when I have a wonderful meal and experience. Writing about that trip was a joy. You probably noticed the lengthy posts. And now the slew of birthday dinners which were another happy occasion. Delicious dinners to be had with wonderful friends and family.

The first dinner was with my sister, her husband, and Mr. M&P. Every year, we alternate who picks the restaurant for our joint dinner. The ladies get one, and the gentlemen get one as well. This year was my pick and I honed in on Chef Michael White. He's been very busy recently opening place after place in NYC. Being the fan that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to try his new places. For this meal, I chose Costata knowing well that my group would enjoy a nice steak dinner.
While Chef White is known for his pasta, I was curious on his take on steak. Dry aged beef is not cheap in NYC. In fact, it can be one of the more expensive meals you can encounter here. So, it's mostly left for special occasions for me. And this certainly was one.

After looking over the menu, we decided to share everything so that we may try more dishes. We started with a dish from the crudo menu: sea scallop ($23) with celery root, and black truffle vinaigrette. At first, we thought this to be a pricey dish for an appetizer. But once the dish came to the table, we were happily surprised. This was definitely made to share. In fact, this would have been too much for one person to eat. It was a great start for four people to share. The light and sweet scallops with the earthy but tangy dressing. It was my sister's first time eating raw scallop and she enjoyed it. No surprise that raw scallop is one of my favorites.

The next appetizer we shared was the octopus and pork belly ($22) with crispy potato, charred pearl onion, and tomato onion marmalade. The octopus was cooked fantastically being not rubbery at all. Instead, it was soft with the slightest of chew. The pork belly was fatty and unctuous lending the right amount of fat to the dish. The garnishes of the various vegetables made the dish complete.
And now our main courses which we also shared. Here is the costata ($126) which is a 44oz bone-in tomahawk ribeye steak that is dry aged for 40 days. A beautiful steak indeed. Seared, sliced, and prepared. Bone on the side. This is definitely a show stopping piece. The meat had a deep beefy flavor with some tasty jus on top. A mix of fat and meat danced around in my mouth. Now, this is a pricey steak indeed. On the menu, it's marked for two people. We shared it among four people. Was it enough steak to share? No. Two (with no other supplements) or three (with a couple other supplements) is best. Was this the best steak I've had? No. In fact, it wasn't the best steak I've had in recent memory. Now, with that said, it doesn't mean this is a bad steak. No sir. This is a good steak and cooked very well. It just didn't do it for me. I didn't hum in my seat while chewing on the juicy pieces of medium rare beef. I just simply enjoyed it.
I can't go to a Michael White establishment without ordering pasta (well except for Nicoletta and The Butterfly as they do not serve pasta). So to supplement the steak, we also shared an order of the lumache ($19) with guanciale, pecorino, and black pepper in a carbonara sauce. Again, the pasta was the star. Al dente pasta noodles coated nicely is a silky smooth sauce with the punchiness of cheese and richness of pork. This usually heavy dish is cut ever so with black pepper. This was a really nice comforting dish.
And the next pasta we chose was the pansotti ($18) with ricotta cheese and butternut squash in a red wine sauce. This pasta was a great compliment to the heavier, creamy pasta. This, in contrast, tasted light and bright. The creamy squash and cheese filled pasta tossed lightly in a thin red wine sauce. Just perfect. We really enjoyed the pasta dishes.
And if that weren't enough, we shared a bunch of sides as well. Here is the broccoli rabe with fennel sausage ($10). Slightly bitter greens with fatty crumbles of plump sausage. Simple and did the job.
And here is the creamed spinach with roasted garlic and fried shallots ($10). Mr. M&P can't have steak without a serving of creamed spinach. He just loves the combination. This version was more spinach than cream. The crispy shallots was a nice touch.
And here are some fries ($10). Some people can't have a steak without some kind of potato either. Was it Mister Meat and Potatoes perhaps? Perhaps. Anyway, perfectly fried crisp and yet fluffy soft inside. It was a good fry.
And my pick was the roasted hen of the woods mushrooms ($10). These were incredible. So much mushroom flavor only intensified while roasting. So good.
Surprisingly, we had room for dessert after our meal. We decided to share 2 choices. First up, the crostatina ($13) which is a baked pear tart with candied pecans, and vanilla creme fraiche gelato. A really nice lighter dessert to end the meal. Sweet pears, buttery tart crust, and creamy gelato to round it out. Just the right amount of sweetness for me.
And for the chocolate lovers, the tartaletta di ciccolata ($16) which is a dark chocolate ganache tart with hazelnut praline, and fior di latte gelato. A rich, intense chocolate dessert with a scoop of incredibly milky gelato. Just lovely.
I really enjoyed my meal at Costata. Chef Michael White and his team did it again. I was happy with my food, service, and overall experience.

206 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-3320


  1. looks like it was a great meal!

    octopus & pork belly FTW!

  2. Definitely saving this for a special occasion, not just "I want to go to a fancy dinner" but I will have to make the trip. Yum!

  3. Nicoletta and The Butterfly actually do have pasta! Spaghetti and Rigatoni at Nicoletta, and Ravioli at The Butterfly. All are delish!

    1. Oh! Thanks for clarifying. I took a peek at the menus and didn't see it clearly.

      Blog post updated!


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