Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Trip to Frederick, MD: Hollerstown Hill Bed & Breakfast

That night we stayed at a local bed and breakfast named Hollerstown Hill. Let's say this places was very eccentric. The owners had a collection of dolls that she displayed everywhere. Think foyer, bedrooms, and even your bathrooms. Otherwise, they were extremely friendly and accommodating. As with any bed and breakfast, we had our morning meal there.

Along with a variety of beverages like juice and coffee, we start with some apple crisp. I really enjoy fruit in the morning. Unfortunately this crisp was much too sweet. Even the tartness of the apples didn't help cut the sweetness. I couldn't have much more than a spoonful of this.

Then freshly baked muffins come out of the hot oven. They were still warm to the touch. Unfortunately, these lacked salt. Lots of butter was needed.
And lastly, a baked egg casserole that was similar to a frittata. The seasoning was fine but this was overbaked making the texture much too rubbery.
Sigh...Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy my breakfast too much. Just too many things were off. But these things can be easily fixed. Oh well. Onward and upwards.

Hollerstown Hill Bed & Breakfast
4 Clarke Place
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 228-3630

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