Monday, February 17, 2014

My Trip to Maryland and Virginia

Last year, I was really stressed with all things life oriented. To relieve some of this stress, I suggested a short trip to Mr. M&P and he obliged. The catch, however, is that he had to plan the whole thing with no input from me whatsoever. You see, I can't plan a trip without pouring into every detail and finding every possible review about a place. The internet is a godsend and a nightmare for me. So to avoid the whole frustration of planning a trip (I was stressed enough already, thank you), Mr. M&P hesitantly agreed to plan. He very much enjoyed teasing me about all the wonderful things that I didn't know would happen. He picked the area of the country, the restaurants, the accommodations, and the timing of the whole thing. So how did the trip go? Let's just say that I'm one lucky gal.

So the trip started as a very, VERY long drive. I thought I had guessed the destination correctly (meaning Washington, DC) but one turn later and we were in the middle of nowhere. "Where are you taking me?!" I exclaimed loudly. He just snickered and drove on only to stop at a winery in Mount Airy, MD. It was Linganore Wineries and they provided us a wine tasting with some snacks and tour of their facilities. I tried a bunch of wine which I mostly liked except for a few sickenly sweet ones. I surprisingly liked their chocolate wine that thankfully didn't have any cream in it. Instead, it's infused with chocolate.

After our delightful wine tasting, we drove some more but this time to Frederick, MD where we found our bed and breakfast for the night. By this time, you would think that I haven't really eaten much except for the snacks at the wine tasting. Well, Mr. M&P was smart enough to pack a whole bunch of snacks in the car to keep me happy. A hungry me in a car makes for a very bad car ride. And not just any kind of snack. Hearty meats, cheeses, and pastries to enjoy. It was enough to keep me sated on the drives until dinner that night. Dinner by the way was still hours away. So what did we do until we sat down for a meal? What else is there to do in Frederick, MD? Why antiquing, of course. This quiet little town had shops and streets filled with all sorts of old stuff. I saw some cool old guns and lots of old kitchen stuff. One thing led to another and I was another set of gold rimmed plates richer after a quick sale. I liked them so much that I went back the next day to buy the set of matching appetizer/dessert plates. They were a steal. I even scored another cheeseburger paraphernalia. It wasn't an antique but just another knick knack to put in the house. Quaint little towns are good to find things like that.

After all that, it was finally time for dinner. And this is where my food adventure truly begins. So please go on and read this week's posts filled with all kinds of delicacies both simple and complex. I had some the best foods of my life on this trip. Enjoy!


  1. Does Mr. M&P read the comments on your site? If not, please direct him to this: he is awesome! if he had a brother and not just an awesome-sauce sister, I'd be in your family lickety-split! I'm so excited to read the rest of your posts now that I can't stop using ! to end sentences!

    1. He says 'Thank you'.

      Enjoy the rest of the posts!


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