Friday, February 21, 2014

My Trip to Washington, DC: Founding Farmers

Another great dinner passed and a good night sleep in (this time we stayed at a hotel). We woke up the next morning and had a late brunch at Founding Farmers. Even with a reservation, we waited about 20 minutes. The place was packed. Normally, we would complain and leave but we didn't have too much to do that day so we patiently waited.

Once seated, we were given the menus to look over. Lucky for us, we were being served at "the magical time when they serve both the brunch and lunch menu" as the waitress described to us. I ordered a hot chocolate and the plate of Southern Pan Fried Chicken and Waffles ($16) with macaroni and cheese and a choice of one side. I chose grilled broccolini to add some healthy value to my plate.
I was happy to see that my plate of chicken and waffles from the lunch menu was different from the one from brunch. The brunch menu chicken is strips as opposed to the bone-in, skin on chicken that I had. The chicken itself was okay with its crispy skin and okay meat. It needed more seasoning and the white meat was dry. The waffles were crisp, the mac n cheese creamy, and the broccolini steamed until just tender while retaining a crunch. Overall, I enjoyed my meal though the chicken was not nearly as good as my favorite place in NYC.

Mr. M&P had the original Founding Farmers Cheeseburger ($10) with Louie Dressing which also came with a side of fries. Upon first look, the meat to bun ratio was off. But that bun was super fluffy. So once you grabbed onto it, it collapsed into a more reasonable size. Overall, he enjoyed it and the fries were okay.
In general Founding Farmers is a decent place to grab a bite to eat. However, they need to fix their reservation system. If you can't serve people at the time they reserved, then you should stop taking so many reservations. Space it out more with the walk-ins.

Also, the crowd was a mix of adults, families, and students from the nearby University. It was loud in there. Really loud. That can be a turn off for a lot of people. But it was fine by us since we were people watching.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 822-8783


  1. Sounds reasonable but not a must visit. But those pictures are making my stomach grumble haha. Mmm.

    PS If you'd been seated at the right time, would you have been served during the "magical time when both menus are being served"? Just curious.

  2. Note to self: Make fried chicken for Hungry, Mr. M&P and Yvo when they come and visit.

    Show them what southern hospitality and a moist chicken breast are really like. [And yes, Yvo - all thighs for you. I know. I know. :) ]

    I have never been here, but have read about it. Fried chicken, ordered out, is one of those things I usually avoid - only because I like mine better. It's weird, not bragging or anything, promise - it's just no matter how excited I get to see it on the menu at a sit down restaurant - and order it - I am always disappointed. It's like meatloaf - don't order it out. Mom's is always better. hee

    Now, all that being said - the best "not mine" fried chicken I have found in these parts was sold at a Mom and Pop gas station, fast mart kind of place. THAT tasted like my Grandma's.

    Your plate is gorgeous. And I am glad you put the noise level in - I don't mind loud, but for some it can ruin a meal.

    Now come on down!

    1. Thanks SkippyMom. You're right. More often than not, I come across mediocre fried chicken. It's the same with burgers really. These are common foods but so hard for places to nail it. Maybe it's the problem of mass producing it at a fast pace. I'm not sure though because I never worked in a professional kitchen.

      Anyway, thanks for the invite. I'll have to pick your mind for some real good hometown recommendations next time. You know, for all of us to enjoy.


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