Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Trip to Washington, VA: Stonyman Gourmet Farmer Mercantile

After breakfast, we were on the road again. The map led us through some local roads and I really got to see some small towns. Wow, so often I forget what the rest of the country is like. A simpler life. A happier life? Probably. We drove for awhile until we got to Washington, VA. No, not Washington DC. Who knew there was another Washington in Virginia? Not me. I'm kind of geographically stupid. In the 6th grade I learned all the states and their capitals and got a 100% on an exam with a blank map. Since then, that information has left my brain. It's really embarrassing how bad it really is. Anyway, back to food blogging.
After finding our next bed and breakfast, we headed into town for something to eat. We didn't want too much since we had a big dinner ahead of us. We walked around town and stopped by the Stonyman Gourmet Farmer Mercantile store. They are described as a farm to table light meals restaurant and cheese store. We hopped inside and immediately could smell how good this place was. Our noses were justified later when we found the chef in the kitchen with a CIA coat on. This is the real deal, people.

We looked over the menu on the board and Mr. M&P had the bacon and cheese quiche. This huge wedge of eggs, bacon, and cheese in a light, flaky crust graced the plate with a lovely side salad. Everything about this plate of food was great! They were not skimpy with the bacon while the eggs were cooked properly being silky and smooth, and the crust was buttery and light. The salad was fresh, simple, and well dressed.
I opted for the vegetable soup and then this landed on the table. Wow, this was like no vegetable soup I've ever had. First, the base stock was screaming with flavor. The depth and layers of flavor in that stock alone was incredible. Honestly, I could have just drank that stock and be satisfied. But no, they also included fresh sauteed vegetables with my soup. And what a variety! It wasn't the usual carrots, onion, potatoes, celery vegetable soup. Nope instead I had leafy collard greens, red onions, peppers, and various other leafy greens greeted my mouth with different textures. Seriously, this was the best soup I've had in a long time. This includes soups that I make from scratch myself. Yes, soup that I make with my own homemade stock. This soup was incredible.
And if that wasn't enough, we also had a brownie sundae. We were quite full at this time but really, this brownie sundae was so good that we kept eating until the whole thing was finished. Freshly baked chocolate brownies with blackberry ice cream and fresh blackberries. Everything was so balanced from the sweet to the chocolate to the ice cream. This looks like a simple dessert but it was well executed in flavor and texture. Wow, just wow.
We only randomly stumbled upon Stonyman but it was AMAZING. The service was incredibly friendly and the food was so good. In fact, we had to buy some pastries and other baked goods to go for the next day. We just couldn't pass up on not eating more things from them. If you're ever in town, this place is a must visit.

Stonyman Gourmet Farmer Mercantile
337 Gay Street
Washington, Virginia, 22747
(540) 675-2005

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