Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day is a happy occasion in my house. No, I'm not into that mushy bullshit. I don't want overpriced flowers. I don't want jewelry by Jared or Kay. And no, I don't want a crappy prix fixe meal. So years ago, I decided to celebrate against Valentine's Day by doing the least sexiest thing I could think: fried chicken and beer. Yes, eating fattening foods with your hands while drinking a bloat friendly beverage.
This year, Mr. M&P and I were supposed to go to Bob White's again. It's out favorite fried chicken place. But I realized I had a bunch of prep work to do in the kitchen for the weekend. I wasn't really in the mood to start working after 9pm. So instead, we scrapped our original plans and instead procured fried chicken locally. That's right, McNuggets and KFC.

A twenty piece nugget box with a side of barbecue sauce. I love these things. I know they're terrible and not natural chicken. But there is something about the nuggets that I just can't quit. I'm sure McDonald's made it that way on purpose.
And if nuggets weren't enough, we also shared a 3 piece chicken meal with biscuits, and macaroni and cheese.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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