Thursday, May 15, 2014


For Dr. Mandoo's birthday, she wanted to try something different so she opted for Scandinavian. Isn't Scandinavian food getting a lot of attention now with its Michelin Stars and World Best Restaurants labels? Oh yes, it's definitely got a lot of clout these days. Extreme localism, new cooking techniques, and creative ideas aplenty. Oh and did I mention that the Chef is Mads Refslund? Don't recognize the name? Well he's a co-founder of Noma. Still don't recognize it? Well, Noma is currently the #1 restaurant in the world. Yes, that place.
We weren't sure what to expect for dinner but what we received was really interesting dishes, flavors, and presentations. Will you come along for the ride?

To start, we shared the smoked fish tacos (pictures above) with pickled vegetables ($17 for 2). This taco was really good. I mean really good. Tender fish with a light smoky flavor balanced out with the sour tang of the vegetables. Texturally, it was very pleasing as well. The thin crunchy taco shell, the soft fish, and the slightly crunchy vegetables. It was a very well put together dish and we devoured it.

Next the foie gras and langostines ($19) which was a dish of foie gras shavings with little plump langostine tails, white walnuts, and brunt lemon on the side. Again, a really interesting take on the dish. Without bread, it was a little difficult to eat this but it was not short of flavor nor richness.
Here are the cauliflower stalks ($18) with black truffles and brie. The cauliflower was roasted given it a sweetness which the brie was creamy and melted and truffle came on the side almost like a dipping sauce.
Hand cut fries with herbed mayo ($8) was a simple dish but executed nicely. Super crisp fries, fluffy soft inside. The herbed mayo was a nice dip to add a dash of flavor.
The scallops ($23) with onions, fermented pear, and sorrel was a beautiful dish. Plump scallops seared until a crust formed on the outside but still tender and mostly medium rare in the middle. The sauce added a nice freshness to a very delicate dish.
The grilled beets ($12) with lardo and blueberry was another interesting dish. Sweet tender beets with a slice of lardo draped and melted on top and blueberry sauce on the side.
But what got everyone really oohing and aahing was the farmer's eggs ($12 for 2) with cauliflower and dashi. A silky custard on the bottom, steamed cauliflower and foam on top. A really light dish but full of flavor. The presentation factor is definitely there.
The cod tart ($20) was no slacker in the flavor department. Thinly sliced fish over a cracker thin bread with truffle, cured egg yolk, and pickled carrots. Again, a very strong fish dish.
And for the main meal, we shared the johnny cakes ($38) which were thin crepe like pancakes with braised pork and a variety of accoutrements like pickled cabbage, anchovies, bacon, chutney, mustard, pear spread, onions, and aioli. With 2 orders, this was enough for us although we had to ask for more johnny cakes because there was a lot of pork.
And for dessert, we shared the oak and pine ($12) which was a hazelnut ice cream with almond macaron, and blue spruce sprigs. There was definitely a woody flavor to the ice cream which the hazelnut balanced out nicely. The richness of the cream certainly helped mellow out the flavors.
I think this last dish is the dark and white chocolate. Honestly, I don't know. I can't find anything that remotely looks like this dish. I do know there was a powder (maybe dark chocolate cocoa powder), cherries, slivered almonds, and some white which may be white chocolate.
Overall, Acme was a hit for us. The food was interesting and still delicious. The different preparations, ingredients, and plating really impressed us. This is certainly not for the faint of heart but if you're a curious eater like me, you should try Acme.

9 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 203-2121


  1. Did they let you order 7 eggs or did someone take one before you took the photo? Also, how many people did you have? Asking because you mention 2 orders of the johnny cakes was enough food (not enough pancakes), but not sure how many you had. Thanks!

    1. We were a party of 8 people but only ordered 7 eggs because one person does not enjoy eggs. The extra pancakes were free. They didn't want us to have cold pancakes.


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