Thursday, May 1, 2014

Birthday Dinner Party

And my last birthday meal is my Parsi dinner by Mrs. Pattis Magician. I pick what I want to eat and she makes it. To start, I asked for budja (onion fritters) and fried peppers. The latter is a lottery of which are spicy and which are sweet.

Another favorite is sarya which are like shrimp chips but without the shrimp flavor. Crunchy, light, and addictive. A perfect snack with a drink.
But my absolute favorite is kevab which are beef meatballs with onion, cilantro, and spices. They're best grilled making them super juicy and flavorful. A squeeze of lime and devour!
And dinner was a plethora of dishes like pattis, kolmi (shrimp) masala, biryani, and salad. All delicious as usual.
And for my birthday "cake" this year, I asked for ice cream sandwiches. Oh Ms. Pastry Chef outdid herself again. Homemade cookies, homemade vanilla ice cream, fudge, and sprinkles. So good!
Another birthday come and gone. And to another year of tasty eating!


  1. Woo! Love eating vicariously through your birthday posts. Happy tummy in this post!

  2. Delicious cooking per usual.
    Ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!!!!


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