Monday, May 26, 2014

My Trip to Barcelona, Spain (Day 6): Taller de Tapas

After a long day, we wanted to do something low key for dinner. While some of us went for Chinese food (it's a tradition), Mr. M&P and I went for more tapas. Tired as we were, we just went to place close to the hotel. I know, I know tourist central. But luckily, the food was decent, as I read previously.
Since we were really craving vegetables at this point, we were really happy that Taller de Tapas had a good selection of tapas that included them. The sauteed mushrooms were tender with earthy flavor. We savored these.

The sauteed spinach with garbanzo beans dish was really, really good. Sweet spinach, meaty beans, and bits of jamon throughout. We devoured this as if we were starving. I'm not sure if we were really excited or just happy to eat something green. Whatever the case may be, I liked this so much that I replicated it at home.
Next, scrambled eggs with asparagus and jamon. Thinly shaved asparagus, creamy eggs, and salty jamon. A good balance of all the ingredients. This would be a simple dish to make at home as well.
And for more full dishes, we ordered the grilled dorade with vegetables. The fish came whole and cooked nicely. The meat was sweet and tender. I didn't have to poke much for the fish to break apart. The simple seasonings of herbs, lemon, and oil was just perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the same about the side of vegetables. That seemed like such an after thought and really did not taste good. It lacked flavor and texture.
And finally the seafood paella. The rice dish came with some langostines, mussels, and clams. Unfortunately, this paella wasn't very good. The rice was too al dente being overly crunchy and the grains not cooked through. The seafood didn't seem that fresh. It tasted and smelled a bit old. Not super old where we would get food poisoning but more like this dish was reheated old. We left a lot of this on the table when we left.
Overall, we though Taller de Tapas to be a decent random place to eat. The vegetable based dishes were better than others. In fact, we thought the tapas to be better than the composed dishes overall. So if you're in the neighborhood, it's fine but certainly not destination worthy.

Taller de Tapas
Rambla de Catalunya, 49-51
08007 Barcelona, Spain
+34 934 87 48 42


  1. Did you dump the paella on the table when you left? Haha sorry "we left a lot of this on the table when we left" made me think of you and Mr. M&P dumping it on the table and leaving.

    1. Ha! If only I were that daring. Nah, we just left a lot of it uneaten.


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