Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Trip to Barcelona, Spain (Day 7): Cuines de Santa Caterina

While in Barcelona, I wanted to make a point to visit the other markets besides La Boqueria. Most of them are so different in atmosphere, decor, and food options from the famous one that I think they're worth seeking out. For instance, at the Mercat Santa Caterina there exists actual restaurants with tables and seats with waiter service. At the other markets, it's first come first served to bar stools or open seating. Sometimes, it's nice to just relax and enjoy be served on.
And this was such a day. We went to Cuines de Santa Caterina and started with the pimientos (we can't get enough greens now) which were nicely fried with blistered skin, oil, and salt. Super hot to the table but the sweet peppers with the salinity of the salt worked really well together.

A salad with seared goat cheese was also ordered. More roughage please. This lightly dressed spring mix salad with nuts was refreshing to say the least. The slab of goat cheese was creamy and salty. A classic pairing.
Now even though we were craving vegetables, we couldn't not order jamon again. Iberico again for us though this wasn't iberico de bellota. Good nonetheless. And in the back was pan con tomate. The bread could have a been a bit more crusty but fine on its own.
The gambas al ajillo came head on with large slices of garlic. There wasn't much garlic oil to be sopped up but otherwise these were really nice. Sweet shrimp and pungent garlic. So good.
And whenever we see huevos rotos, we have to order it. The version here was different yet again (though I think I liked the first one the best). The potatoes here were medallions that were fried crispy with mushrooms and a runny side up egg on top. Unfortunately, the egg yolk wasn't runny enough but otherwise, a delicious dish.
And finally, a plate of white beans in a parsley sauce with sausage and foie gras. To be honest, the foie didn't do anything for the dish. It was just there and was unnecessary. However, the beans and the sausage was very nice. Meaty and hearty without being too heavy. Well seasoned and texturally pleasing. This dish gave us the most value.
The Cuines de Santa Caterina restaurant was quite nice. I felt relaxed in a casual place. The atmosphere was lively but not overly loud. The space open and bright. It looked like Spaniards came here for a leisurely lunch.

Cuines de Santa Caterina
Mercat Santa Caterina
Av Francesc Cambó, 16
08003 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 19 57 40

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