Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Trip to Barcelona, Spain (Day 7): Tickets

Spain has in recent times been in the forefront of modern food. With El Bulli being the most well known, food as we know it has changed. Our senses can be tricked and our minds blown. With that, we luckily booked a dinner at Tickets which is a Adrian brothers restaurant. We went in not knowing what to expect. We left with our jaws dropped, our palates excited, and our minds stimulated. This was, by far, the best meal we had in Spain.
The waiter was really helpful in describing their menu and food focus. He suggested that if we're open to most foods, that we let them pick the dishes for us. With that, we happily obliged. The first round of food was so beautiful. False peanuts (peanut shaped nut treats), tempura of pistachios (fried crunchy pistachios), solid cocktail of apple and hibiscus (sweet tequila soaked apple wedges).

These are Tickets' olive-S which is a soft bubble filled with olive juice concentrate. The membrane pops easily so this is a one biter with an explosion of briny olive flavor in your mouth. Amazing.
Manchengo Cheese: cheese foam inside airbags of bread with hazelnuts and olive oil caviar. Another ridiculous one biter. Light airy bread that's like pita filled with more light foam cheese. A slice of cheese on top then oil and something else I can't remember sprinkled on top.
Since one person does not like cheese, so they served him the crostini with anchovy and tomato seeds instead. The toasted bread with sweet tomato, pungent anchovy, and potato flakes on top was just perfect.
Josper Galician tender loin: lean beef tenderloin tartare with onions, dill, and creme. The powder is the acid that lightens up the dish. Amazing again. A rich heartier dish but kept light with the various components.
Here is a simple natural oyster. Just a squeeze of lemon for this deep cupped briny oysters with sweet meat.
Oyster with his pearl: raw oysters with salmon roe. Again, simple yet delicious. Creamy oysters, briny liquor, and more briny salinity from the roe. The sauce was salty sweet which paired really well with the natural flavors.
Tuna tartare with cherry and kimchi sauce as well as uni. A really fresh dish that showcased the quality of the ingredients.
Lola Orange segments with gordal olive jus. The sweet tangy flavor of the orange with the fresh mint and the richness of the olive oil.
Razor clams in chicken escabeche sauce. These were ridiculous. The clams so sweet on their own and then the indugent, rich chicken broth. It was some serious concentrated chicken flavor. I could drink that all night long. What an innovative dish.
Chinese way clams with fermented soy and seaweed. Cooked clams, bright seaweed, and a savory sauce. Nothing more than delicious.
Foie gras in escabeche sauce tribute to Lucolo. Large chucks of fattened duck liver in a creamy garlic sauce.
Traditional cooked lentils was absolute comfort food. Hearty, rich, and soul warming. Lots of delicious depth of flavors. I liked that the lentils stayed whole through the long cooking. It kept the integrity of the texture whole.
Confit potatoes with iberian cured ham and pork jus. This may seem like just regular ham and potatoes but the flavor was really unexpectedly good. I mean the ham had this intense pork flavor only to be even more intensified with the pork jus. The potatoes wasn't overlooked either being cooked in fat making them oh so luxurious and flavorful.
King oyster mushroom spaghetti with porcini pil pil sauce. Those aren't noodles in there. Nope, they are strands of mushrooms cooked like noodles in a super mushroom sauce. If you love mushrooms like I do, then this is one intense mushroom dish.
El Manteca Jowl sandwich: warm sandwich with pork jowl meat, and melted manchengo cheese. This could easily be a breakfast sandwich of people's dreams. Or really good at any time. So simple but the quality of ingredients really make this wonderful.
And now the dessert. This is the tiramisu with edible sugar containers, creamy espresso spiked creame and cocoa powder on top. Really amazing rendition of a classic dessert.
Blood orange granita served in hollowed out orange cup. Sweet and icy. A perfect palate cleanser for the next and final dish.
The wine cork. This is no real wine cork. Nope, instead this is a hazelnut creme filled cake made to look like a wine cork. The craftmanship and technique of this dish was amazing. From afar, you cannot tell this is food. But looks aside, flavorwise, this was amazing as well. A rich hazelnut creme much like nutella but homemade of course.
Dish for dish, Tickets amazed us all. There wasn't a single thing that we didn't like. The technique of each dish, the surprising textures and flavor combinations, and the downright deliciousness of everything really impressed us. I would also like to mention that the service was top notch. There was no European aloofness here. They were attentive, friendly, and explain each and every component.

Tickets was clearly the best meal I had in Spain.

Avinguda del Paraƀlel, 164
08015 Barcelona, Spain


  1. WOW.

    If we didn't go to San Sebastian, we would definitely have loved to go here.

  2. May I ask how much this meal was? And if you had wine as well? It looks and sounds amazing, nearly everything you ate is something I would want to eat as well.

    1. The meal was 75 Euros per person which included drinks.

    2. My jaw just dropped to the floor and all of my potato chips fell out of my mouth.

    3. In general, food was relatively affordable in Spain which led to a whole lot of overeating. Hahaha!


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