Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Trip to Barcelona, Spain (Day 8): La Boqueria - Bar Pinotxo

And our final spot for lunch was at Bar Pinotxo. This famed bar is always packed. We couldn't find any seats at the bar but we did find a couple of communal tables where one waiter graciously came out to take our order. We were quite full by this point so we didn't order much.

The tapas that they offered seemed to be more on the heavy side so we took it a bit easy. To start, some chickpeas and meat. This was a really hearty dish and really filled us up.
The variety of croquettas (cheese,, spinach, and jamon) were just okay. The ones at El Quim were far superior though it was nice to have a variety of flavors.
But to change things up a bit, I also ordered a steak to share. This seared piece of sirloin had the right amount of fat to meat. A small salad on the side was generic. But this steak was well seasoned and cooked nicely. A good impromptu choice by me.

Bar Pinotxo
La Boqueria
Rambla, 91, 08002
Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 18 25 84

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