Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Trip to Barcelona, Spain (Day 8): Divinius

On our last night in Barcelona, we wanted to eat paella. Good paella. I mistakenly told everyone that there was a good place close to us only to find out too late that it was along the shore. None of us wanted to make the trek and none of us wanted to take out more money to pay for the meal. The places along the shore tend to be more expensive. I wanted to take some time and figure out where we should eat but everyone thought it would be a good idea to walk around instead. Personally, I think this is a bad choice to go about picking a place because most people aren't aggressive enough to choose. They're afraid that people may be disappointed. And so we walked around aimlessly until we got too tired and ended up at Divinius.
Divinius is located off a popular street and was a big place. It certainly had enough room for our larger group. We sat and ordered some drinks instead. Here you can get large steins of beer which is not common in Spain at all. Mr. Peanut Head and Mr. M&P was certainly happy about that.

We ordered a bunch of food to share. First, some octopus which was just okay. It was a bit rubbery and lacked flavor.

Next, cooked artichhoke. A whole artichoke steamed and served. Unfortunately, they didn't clean out the choke and I mistakenly ate some of it. It did not feel good going down. Again, very bland and lack flavor.
The sauteed mushrooms were equally mediocre. They didn't come very hot to the table and tasted of button mushrooms which in my opinion are the least flavorful kinds.
The asparagus also a let down. They didn't trim the ends so a lot of chewing was involved with that.
I think this dish is a potato covered in cream and cheese. When we ordered this, we thought it might be sliced potatoes with a sauce on top. But it was literally a potato cut in half with a sauce on top. Really not that great.
The patatas bravas was a bit cool and wasn't crispy enough. The aioli on top was just fine.
The pan con tomate was one of the better dish. Crusty bread, and sweet grated tomatoes on top.
And now what we wanted all along, the paella. This is the meat version. Lots of flavor from the chicken and sausage and a thick tomato based sauce. The rice didn't crust up on the bottom like we wanted.
The seafood paella was a bit better. The rice was cooked a bit more with the bottom slightly crusted up. However, the abundance of seafood was a bit disappointing.
And the last paella was the squid ink with chicken. This boasted the most flavor coming from the ink. The chicken a bit dry but manageable. Unfortunately, no real crust on this either.
Overall, I thought the meal at Divinius was disappointing. But I didn't expect much from a place that had hardly any customers and was right off a touristy shopping area. I really wish I pushed for the effort to take just 5-10 minutes to figure out a place to eat from my list of restaurants. It was a lackluster end to the trip.

Passeig de GrĂ cia, 28
08007 Barcelona, Spain
+34 933 02 21 29


  1. This whole meal makes me sad. The octopus looked so tasty but then wasn't. And the paella with a ton of sauce on it confuses me. Sad food makes sad panda sad.

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