Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 2): El Rastro

The next morning involved coffee and a long easy walk to El Rastro which is an outdoor flea market. While I quickly walked through most of the kioks selling knich knacks and basically junk. I did see a few interesting items for sale including a chastity belt, dirty comics, and sweaters that would trump any and all ugly sweaters in the US. In fact, one pink ensemble was shaped like a certain female body part. But I digress. After walking uphill and only fueled by coffee that morning. I was hungry.

Luckily, at the top of the hill, Mr. M&P and I spotted a shop opening for day's customers. It was a pastry shop selling all sorts of meat, cheese, and mystery empanadas and pies. Mr. M&P had the ham pie which was a huge slab of processed pink ham ground up and filled between two thick layers of pastry. Texture wise, this was unpleasant. Completely soft. Flavor wise, this was also unpleasant. The pink gloppy middle tasted of canned ham but oddly wasn't seasoned enough. The pastry need a good sprinkle of salt.
As for myself, I had a ham empanada which was better pastry wise but still lack a good interior filling. I forgot to take a shot of the inside but trust me, it wasn't worth it. It took a few bites to ward off the evil hunger pangs and called it quits. We needed to save room for lunch.
I guess that's a lesson to us that not all spontaneous empanada finds are good ones. Oh well.

O'Rey Empanadas
Corner of Calle Amazonas & Calle Ribera de Curtidores
Madrid, Spain

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