Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 2): El Zagal

That night, we were looking for a casual place to watch the Real Madrid vs Barcelona futbol game. We had previously tried to get tickets with no luck. Well, the luck would be 500 euros each but that's the kind of luck none of wanted to part with. Instead, we asked our concierge about nearby bars or restaurants that may be showing the game. We walked around a bit. Not to our surprise, many of the places were packed already. People had staked out their tables hours prior to the game. Again, the Spaniards do not care about loitering. We need to remember that. We eventually find a place that was both a bar and a restaurant. While the front of the house was packed with avid fans, the back was pretty empty. There on the wall in the back was one tv and we immediately chose the table right in front.
With our claim to land settled, we proceeded to order some much needed drinks. Beers, wines, and cocktails for everyone. And then the menu. We started with the pulpo (octopus) which is a standard dish in Spain. Again, tender pieces of octopus tentacles and soft potatoes. A sprinkle of paprika on top as a garnish.

And jamon. We didn't have enough ham yet. A nice plate of thinly sliced ham. This time we skipped the iberico and went for serrano instead. A more affordable cured pork product but still very delicious.
And here was the discovery of a wonderful tapa that I have not encountered yet. Until tonight. This is the wonderful huevos rotos (broken eggs). This was french fries, with sunny side up eggs on top, and them topped with ham. This was so amazingly good. Crisp fries, runny egg yolks, and salty ham. I ate this like a Whimpy eats hamburgers. So good. Miss Poutine Esq also agreed and thought this would make a killing over in the states. Drunk food bonanza! Although she did note that who needs to be drunk to eat something as delicious as this.
A simple order of patatas bravos (fried potatoes with a spicy sauce) is a general favorite.
The calamar frito (fried calamari) was bit chewy. One of the misses of the night.
The alas de pollo frito (fried chicken wings) were interesting. Normally when you get chicken wings in the states, they're battered or breaded then fried. No so here. They were fried as is leaving a super crispy skin and tender meat inside. Not bad.
Gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic) is always a favorite among this group. Bread on the side for lots of hot sexy dipping action.
We still felt kind of peckish so dessert was ordered. When we saw bombon on the menu, we thought it was some kind of ice cream dessert. Well, it was but it was literally an ice cream bar. A simple one that you can buy from any grocer. We had a good laugh over this one.
This was a brownie sundae that seemed a bit manufactured as well. Dessert wasn't their strong suit.
And a lemon ice was really a lemon drink. Hmm...this confused us a bit.
Our takeaway from this meal was: huevos rotos are awesome, drinks aplenty, but skip dessert.

El Zagal
Calle Trujillos, 7
28013 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 42 05 57

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  1. I make a variation of that huevos rotos dish for breakfast sometimes when I have leftover fries from a meal. :) Don't usually use jamon though for various reasons. Might try that... yumm


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