Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 2): Chocolateria San Gines

Around a dark alley lies a much talked about late night spot: Chocolateria San Gines. Churros and hot chocolate. I thought to myself that this is a must do but I probably wouldn't be that into it. Boy was I wrong.

The churros were crisp, chewy, and delicious. Hot to the table and so delicious. Lightly sweet. Good on their own.
But even better with a cup of hot chocolate. Now this isn't some skimpy hot chocolate that you find in the states. Nope. This is more like melted chocolate ganache. Thick, creamy, intense chocolate flavor. Don't be fooled by imitators and their watery chocolate.
This is the real deal. Six churros and a cip of chocolate to an order. I was full halfway through but continued eating until my cup was empty. It was damn good.
And I was also drunk. That could explain a couple of things. But my mind wasn't that fuzzy. I remembered eating this and really enjoying it. You can call me touristy all you want. When something is good then it's worth going.

Chocolateria San Gines
Pasadizo San Ginés, 5
28013 Madrid, Spain
+34 913 65 65 46


  1. How many orders of churros is that? Did you guys share the chocolate or did everyone get their own? Have you been to Churreria next to Soccarat?

    1. There was actually more than one plate of churros on the table. But in any case, each order comes with 6 churros and their own cup of chocolate.

      I haven't been to churreria. Is it any good?

    2. Oh I mean on that plate, because it's wayyyy more than 6 churros!

      I liked it a lot. I haven't been back since the first time, but the churros were fresh and tasty and the chocolate was good. I would go back. No on the horchata though, not made in-house and whatever brand they buy is not tasty


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