Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 3): Sobrino de Botin

After all that meat, we needed to burn off those calories in time for dinner. Lots of walking around and site seeing did the trick. A bit too much in fact so we headed back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit before dinner. I reminded everyone that our reservation that night was some heavy eating. So no filling up prior to the meal. We went to Sobrino de Botin (also known as El Botin) which is a rotisserie restaurant. It's pretty famous and is lauded as the oldest running restaurant in Spain and maybe the world.
They specialize in whole roasted pig and if your party is big enough, you can get a little porker to your own group. But before I show you that, we noshed on some appetizers beforehand. Some clams in garlic broth were good. Tender plumps of clam still in their shell and bathed in a garlicky sauce.

Sauteed mushroom came super fragrant and incredibly delicious. They definitely cooked them in something but I couldn't figure out. Maybe the juices of the suckling pig?
The croquettes were just okay. Nothing too special here. Just your standard fare of crispy breaded outside, creamy potato bechamel inside dotted with ham and cheese.
And since it was season at the moment, some white asparagus for the table. Tender pieces of asparagus that was previously cooked. It came room temperature to the table. A light refreshing dish.
And here is the piece de resistance: the whole suckling pig. Slow roasted until tender with crispy crackling skin, and potatoes underneath to catch all the juices and rendered fat.
The pig come whole and is sliced into pieces. Then it's served onto plates for everyone. Two large pieces of delicious pork with a couple of potatoes too. Damn this was good. Sweet, salty, tender, crispy. Just plain delicious.
And if that wasn't enough, we also wanted a bit of roasted lamb shank as well. This cam plated to the table. Bone in lamb shank that needed a bit of butchering which I gladly volunteered to do. A couple of potatoes as well on the side to offset the fatty nubbins of meat.
People say Sobrino de Botin is a tourist trap and it is. The waiters speak English, the menus are in English, and they cater to large groups. They put on a good service too. But this tourist trap has the food to back up their good reputation. The pig was excellent and the other dishes weren't too shabby either. I would definitely go back.

Sorbino de Botin
Calle Cuchilleros, 17
28005 Madrid, Spain
+34 913 66 42 17


  1. I noticed you repeatedly described the "croquetas" you ate as being made of creamy potato, but here in Spain the base for croquetas is always bechamel (a think sauce made of butter, milk and flour, seasoned with salt and a bit of nutmeg)

    1. I always though it was potato with a creamy sauce. But thank you for correcting that for me!


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