Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 4): Asador Imanol

While we waited for the food at Street XO, we also went next door to Asador Imanol for some more food. This place was a more traditional Spanish tapas restaurant.
At this point, if we saw vegetables, we ordered it. So the alcachofa frita (fried artichokes) to share. Crispy and light. Perfect for snacking.

We saw huevos rotos again and decided to order it. Unfortunately, this verson wasn't as exciting. The potatoes weren't fried, the eggs were completely disintegrated, and the meat on top was spare.
The tortilla was a good size and was pretty good. Again, nicely browned outside with a creamy runny middle and soft potatoes.
The croquettes were decent. Well fried with ham and cheese. Though the potato sticks in the middle was interesting.
And lastly, the octopus on a toast. I forget that pintxos are small and mainly serves on. So this really wasn't to share. Oh well.
Overall, the food at Asador Imanol was just okay. Compared to Street XO, this was really lacking. What also soured my opinion of this place was the service. There was one woman working the tables and the ordering. It was busy, I understood that. I stood there and locked eyes with her several times and she didn't ask if I needed help. Okay, maybe I needed to be more upfront. So I actually approached her and said hi and asked for a menu. Still nothing. Ummm, this is a problem. Not until my other friend came along did she actually serve us meaning she asked if we wanted to order food. With that kind of attitude, I was ready to leave but my friend was ready to order and get the ball rolling. And so I went with it. However, I would definitely not go back.

Asador Imanol
El Corte Ingl├ęs de Callao
Plaza del Callao s/n, planta9
Madrid, Spain

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  1. Bad service leaves such a bad taste in the mouth


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