Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 4): La Mallorquina

A couple of rain showers left us looking for cover for a couple of minutes. What better way than to duck into a cafe for some hot coffee and pastries?
La Mallorquina is quite the bustling bakery right in the middle of a square. The main floor is take out only but if you grab a number, you can wait for table service upstairs. Don't skip on the torrija (the rectangular pastry on top) which is a bread soaked in milk, honey, and spices then toasted like French toast. The edges are crusty and crunchy while the middle remains soft and custardy. Although, I don't have a sweet tooth, I really liked it. Sweet but not overly so. A really nice midday snack. Oh and if you're wondering, that second pastry (the round one on the bottom) is an ensaimada which is just a sweet bread. Nothing special about that.

La Mallorquina
Calle Mayor, 2
28013 Madrid, Spain
+34 915 21 12 01

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  1. The unspecial one looks like that thing they sell at Starbucks as a mallorca bread


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