Friday, May 23, 2014

My Trip to Madrid, Spain (Day 5): Toma Jamon

On our last day in Madrid, we decided to do the last jamon place on my list: Toma Jamon. You can't have too much pork products while in Spain, right?
We started with a plate of mixed jamon including chorizo sausage, pork loin, salami, and jamon. Little pieces are bread are included so that you can wrap the meat around it. We watched the guy slowly sliced the meat from the leg. I love eyeing them. So far, a good start to the meal.

Next, we had the pimientos (fried peppers) which are flash fried then salted. Some jamon on top for good measure. These were really good. They reminded me of shishito peppers but much larger. These peppers are sweet and the flaky salt on top contrasted it really well. I ate a lot of these not only because I needed vegetables but also because they were incredible delicious.
Next we had the tortillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters). This wasn't what I was expecting when this came out. But it was freaking delicious. Thin crisps of batter that is fried with bits of shrimp throughout. It was really light but packed a lot of flavor.
And another round of croquetas. These were better than what we've had previously. I think it's because these were freshly fried. Warm to the table, crispy breaded outside, and creamy jamon and queso inside.
And as something different, we ordered a couple of legumes plates. One of which was the chickpeas in a light tomato broth. Rich in flavor but light in texture. This was a welcomed treat from all the eating we've been doing.
But one wasn't enough for us. Nope, we also wanted the lentils as well. Again, a light tomato broth but this was a bit heavier probably due to the lentil breaking down a bit more into the broth. Still very good and delicious.
Our last meal was really good in Madrid. It wasn't anything fancy but the food was well prepared.

Toma Jamón Tabernas Españolas
Calle del Almendro, 21
28005 Madrid, Spain
+34 913 66 80 68

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