Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Trip to Spain: Airplane Food

And for my final post about Spain, here is the food I ate at the airport and on the plane.
I thought I would be smart and bring my own food this time. Unfortunately, we left it in the car. Sigh. So I was left with whatever I could find at the airport. I wasn't feeling any of the sad sandwiches or salad. I didn't want fast food burgers either. Instead, I got a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Wolfgang Pucks. This actually wasn't half bad. Although, looking back, it probably wasn't the best idea to eat something heavy like this before boarding a plane.

While on the plane, I skipped dinner and went to sleep instead. The morning before we landed, they offered a croissant sandwich with ham and cheese, fruit, and a muffin. This actually wasn't that bad either. I mean it's nothing to look forward to but it was certainly much better than some of the airplane meals I've had before.
On the flight back, we didn't fly an International airline. I believe they had a code share with a domestic airline. Thus leading to a terrible lunch offered such as the below. That is supposed to be a pizza. It was much more like a casserole because the crust was utterly soft and chewy. I couple of bites later, I ended up savoring my biscoff cookies instead.

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